Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Running... But Bring on the Bike!

I won't be able to run in the RNR Half-Marathon in Arizona this weekend. Ankle is definitely sprained and not well enough, and I don't want to risk further injury and potentially ruining my more important races, i.e. IMCA. I'm still going, however, and will be volunteering, which I'm actually pretty excited about. For every race I do this year, I want to volunteer for another... give back to the race community.

On a happier note, I picked up my bike from Nytro yesterday!

After getting all dialed in, and using multiple credit cards to pay for it all (that was interesting), I knew exactly where I was headed for my first ride: Fiesta Island!

Biking doesn't bother my ankle, and I had to test the speed, of course!! And what a gorgeous (albeit rather windy) day. I was with a friend who's a member of the SD Tri Club, and he and I usually ride at about the same pace. But, yesterday, I maintained a significant lead. Averaged 22 mph over five laps (20.5 miles), a lot faster than I normally ride.

The transition from road bike to tri bike wasn't too intimidating for me. I felt comfortable right away on the aero bars and adjusting to a new shifting/braking style. I feel that the Felt geometry complements my build/size very well. I have to thank Nytro... and my knowledgeable salesman Ben... and the store's huge selection of bikes... for that: I was able to test ride any bike I wanted to see what was most comfortable for me. (No, I didn't just buy the Felt B2R cause it looks pretty.) Ben stuck with with me for hours while I debated bikes and ultimately made my decision. Thanks!
I learned a ton during this bike-buying process, including bike geometry stuff. There's a really good series of articles on on triathlon bike geomtry among popular brands, and how to determine which brand/style you're built for. Click here.

I'm also dialed in on SRAM components vs. Shimano (I'm now a SRAM Red owner), tubulars vs. clinchers (have both), tri bike fitting, how to put on the Zipp wheels, aero accessories such as an X-Lab Carbon Wing and lots more... I figure, if I'm investing a good amount of $$$, I better know what I'm talking about and doing!

Now I'll just have to learn to change a tubular......


After the Fiesta ride, we wanted a hearty and quality, not junk-foody, meal so we headed to Isabel's Cantina in PB. It's an open, airy restaurant (so I could see my bike the whole time) and the food is excellent. Healthy, fresh, Asian/Latin-fusion sort of dishes. I got the Single Happiness: Grilled chicken, crazy good fried-rice-style brown rice, fresh veggies and peanut sauce, with a side of hot sauce of course. My friend and I agree that particular combo of food equates to our "perfect" meal. And at Cantina, they use amazing spices and sauces that make the dish 10 times better than what I'd be able to whip at home (though, I do consider myself a decent cook).
And, just like I rode faster than my buddy, I finished my meal faster than him too. Two-for-two. Yea!

Isabel has a cookbook apparently...


There's been a lot of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) going on lately, but I'm still trying to do a daily workout despite a sprain. So far recently:

Saturday: 37 mile bike in crazy Santa Ana winds w/ hills
Sunday: Strength training, core work & yoga
Monday: 30 mile bike w/ hills
Tuesday: 2,800 yd swim in an unheated outdoor pool at 6 a.m. (leaves and debris from winds clogged heater, ouch!)
Wednesday: 20 mile "time trial" Fiesta ride on new bike!
Thursday: 2,500 yd swim in a still-unheated pool (I like my coach and class enough to bear the cold water) ....I might ride again this afternoon.

...So, for someone suffering from a sprain, not too shabby, I suppose. I do miss running though.


  1. Wow your bike looks awesome, definitely jealous!!

    We have that cookbook!! How weird is that? Anyways, we love the recipes!

    Keep on rice-ing!

  2. Looks like a sweet ride. How much faster does one ride simply from feeling faster? Have fun on that thing.

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out Primal Fusion! Your bike looks awesome. I am going to buy first bike soon, and I am very excited about taking it to Fiesta Island also. Currently I am testing out the uses of Coconut Flour. I am a big fan of gluten-free, and little amount of grain in food. :)