Friday, March 25, 2011

Contest & Giveaway!

I've been waiting to post this blog for a while and am super excited to finally do so! My friend Nick started a great new triathlon "lifestyle" clothing company called Ignis, which is Latin for fire/ignite. There aren't that many cool "non-race" clothing companies geared toward us endurance athletes that resemble the likes of a Volcom or Billabong. (Well, of course, there's the awesome PunkRockRacing, ****update: who's recently offered up some cool schwag for the winners of this contest too***, and Endurance Conspiracy... etc??) You can see more about Ignis on the website, I'll be on the Ignis team this season and thus sporting their logo a lot, including on my new race kit, which will be made by Zoot. I couldn't be more stoked :) I just hope I get the kit in time for Oceanside, but not sure that's going to happen. Bummer.


The Contest/Giveaway
Nick and I were discussing a good idea for a contest to give away some free Ignis shirts, and he came up with a good one, so here it is:

In the comment section of this post, tell me: Which male pro and which female pro will win Ironman 70.3 California on Saturday, April 2, and what will each of their finishing times be? Again, just so we're clear: Give me the name of one male & one female pro triathlete who you think is going to win, and give an estimated overall finishing time for each.

Example: Joe Shmoe in x:xx:xx and Jane Doe in x:xx:xx (Not their combined times like Beth & James did lol)

Deadline: 12 a.m. PST Friday, April 1, 2011

Prize & Winners:
I have two shirts to give away (one for a dude, one for a chick), so there will be two winners: one male and one female who make predictions that are closest, or on the dot, to what actually happens on April 2.

I'm including gender because if two dudes were to win, I don't want to make the choice as to who gets the boy shirt and who gets the girl shirt. Make sense? Also, I'll pay for shipping costs to anywhere in the U.S. to get you your schwag.... maybe you'll even get something extra ;)

***UPDATE**** New prizes from PunkRockRacing have been added for both the male and female winner. It's brand-new schwag from PxRx!!!

So that's it! Simple right? Or is that a hard contest? I guess we'll see huh. I know exactly who I'd pick, but the finishing times makes it a toughie!


PS - If you make your way to the "shopping" section on the Ignis website, please don't give me too much grief for what looks like my attempt at a "Blue Steel" face lol. But really, how embarrassing are those pics! Haha! Oh well, I had a blast with the guys doing the shoot that day!


  1. Mary Tanner

    Andy Potts 3:57
    Julie Dibens 4:08

  2. I went to the website and their gear is awesome and you look great modeling it!

  3. Mirinda C. 4:19:20

    Rasmus Henning 4:00:00

  4. Matt Reed 3:55:27

    Magali Tisseyre 4:07:28

  5. Reed, Matt 3:57:03
    Paterson, Lesley 4:22:12

  6. Matty Reed - 4:00:02
    Mirinda Carfrea - 4:21:13

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  8. Hillary Biscay 4:20:30
    Matt Reed 3:59:30

  9. Matt Reed - 3:58:23
    Mirinda Carfrea - 4:18:37

  10. Mirinda Carfrea 4:19:19
    Matt Reed 3:54:19

    love the # 19

    Best wishes to Jason at IMCA!! WOO HOO

  11. Tawnee Prazak - 4:18:35
    Rasmus Henning - 4:01:08

    but really...

    Heather Wurtele - 4:19:35
    Rasmus Henning - 4:01:08

  12. Merinda Carfrae 4:23:33
    Michael Raelert 4:01:10

  13. Matt Reed - 3:56:17
    Mirinda Carfrea - 4:18:38

  14. Mirinda Carfae - 4:17:45
    Andy Potts - 3:57:45

  15. Mirinda Carfrea 4:18:59
    Matt Reed 3:53:10

  16. Michael Lovato: 4:03
    Julie Dibens: 4:12

  17. Andy Potts 3:56:32
    Linsey Corbin 4:30:00

  18. Mirinda Carfae - 4:20:45
    Andy Potts - 3:59:32

  19. Rasmus Henning - 3:57:54
    Mirinda Carfrae - 4:19:21

  20. mirinda carfrae 4:17:49
    jordan rapp 3:58:30

  21. I have no idea who is going to win - but I checked out the site and the clothes rock! Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck this weekend!

  22. Linsey Corbin @ 4:19
    Jordan Rapp @ 3:59

    Submitted by BWS.

  23. J. LO @ 3:57
    MARIO LOPEZ @ 4:01