Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heading South for the Weekend...

I was planning on writing a blog on training and what's been going on. But frankly there's not too much to say. I've gotten in some super quality sessions, I've had some shitty sessions, and everything in between. Fairly standard.

Overall, it's been just fine and dandy. Then the past couple days hit. I've been in a funk, and things aren't jiving. I had a couple failed workouts, and have had a crabby mood. Obviously red flags to just chill. I'm trying to "reset" because there are some fun times and big miles on the horizon...

Back before O'side 70.3, John and I decided we would need a little San Diego training & craft beer'ing in our future. Been too long. So a while back we made plans with Mike Rouse (aka Rousey) to stay at their place for a weekend, which is now this weekend! We're leaving Friday afternoon and over the course of 48ish hours we plan to spend a lot of time on the bike, hit up some local breweries and enjoy some SD time with good people. Any of my San Diegan friends who want to join in the fun, let me know. We have a rough itinerary so far of what we'll be doing/where we're going. More the merrier!

Sunday morning we'll participate in Rousey's "Run to Boston" event with the crew. Who's in?! They held a run last weekend and covered more than 2,000 miles or something. They still have 711 (?) miles left to go (the idea being to run the amount of miles it is from Mission Bay to Boylston Street). Sounds like a well-worthwhile way to get in that long run!

In other news, I'm finally getting around to starting my first kombucha brew. The scoby formed and is in tact (it wasn't moldy after all). And I've actually made the time to get my act together and start the process. Fingers crossed.

I also have some product news I want to share (just some updates on things I'm loving), but that will be for next time.

I'll leave the rest to pictures this time...
Tony Kanaan sighting at the Long Beach Grand Prix. At this point,
he had fans swarming around him. Mr. popular! Unfortunately, Tony f'ed
up his hand in the race in a crash. Bummer. At least he's ok!

Saturday afternoon showing my love for sport by sacrificing a ride in nice weather
to catch the ITU San Diego men's race.

In the checkout at the grocery store and noticing one of my favorite places
made the cover of this mag. Random.

Broadening my beer horizons. Love my Sundays on the patio.

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