Thursday, September 5, 2013

Race Week Taper for 70.3 Worlds

Leaving for Vegas in just about 24 hours. Ya baby, let's do this. The closer we get to the race, the more excited I am getting! As I mentioned, taper mode is in full effect and I am having glimpses of feeling normal and fresh again. I am also remembering what it's like to have normal-people energy and a regular appetite. Funny how you just get used to always being tired and always being hangry.

It's my favorite time of year here! Enjoying the view.... Unloading stress and fatigue... #lagunabeach

Over the weekend I had some of the most solid downtime I can remember in a loooong time. Saturday I had a little swim and a bike with a client who's training for a local sprint (I let him go faster than me at times haha), but Sunday was chillaxin. We were in Carlsbad with my family at my parents' new place and I shut it down. Did nothing. It wasn't that fun to be inactive on a Sunday, but it definitely felt good to just give in to rest! Oh yea - so on that note, why Carlsbad? My dad is now working in San Diego so they got a place down there. They still have their home in OC, which means the Carlsbad pad will also be open to us as a "vacation home" if I want to head south for some solid training, some good beer, hang with my SD friends.... Can't wait to make use of that! (Already have a plan to get my athletes together for a proper training camp next year.)
Taking this rest thing seriously. We "camped out" on the floor in the Carlsbad pad Saturday night, and I was playing with our dog, Sydney, until apparently I got too tired and passed out on her. But she wasn't quite done... love this.
Guess I can't even hang with a dog's bedtime. Once a grandma always a grandma! 
Taper activity on Labor Day; a succulent pot made by me!
Anyway, after a long weekend, reality hit on Tuesday when I looked at my mega to-do list. But it wasn't so bad since my workouts were a fraction of what I'm used to. Training-wise here's what I did/am doing for taper week leading into a Sunday race:

Monday- Swim 1300 / 28'
This got cut a tad short because the pool hours changed back to school hours so they closed earlier. But no biggie, just a nice relaxing session with a couple fast 100s and 300s.

Tuesday- Ocean Swim & Run / ~70' combined
I love swimming in the ocean this time of year. Still warm out outside, and so crisp and clear in the water (mid-60s and it definitely cooled down from the weekend but felt perfect once you got going). I wish I had a video of this swim, it's like heaven where we get to go! We swam for only about 35min, but we were probably in the water for closer to an hour just enjoying and talking about Tahoe, etc. All in all I felt really great in the ocean, and it makes me wonder why I don't do more ocean tri's - I am much better in the salt water than fresh water!

The run was mostly an easy outing for 4.2 miles with just a handful of quick strides, during which I easily got to a sub-6:30 pace. It hasn't been that easy to go that fast in a loooong time, so that was a confidence booster. Actually had some freshness in the legs!

Wednesday- Bike & T-Run / ~75' combined
Nature's "ice bath" after the run. Not too cold,
but still so refreshing!
Tuesday afternoon I made a couple tweaks to my bike, including putting on my 11-28 cassette on my race wheels (I heard there are some big climbs in the couple races I'm doing ;)) I also put on a Profile Design HC Hydration System, which I just bought and love even if it was $70+. That thing will be money for longer races in which I want to refill with water at aid station and then throw in a Skratch single serving stick.

This workout was hawt. I am thankful for the timing of this heat wave! I started at 11ish, and the bike was mostly easy/Z2ish ride with a few 1:00 pickups.

The t-run was basically 6 X 800 as 800 hard/800 easy. This went surprisingly well! Nailed the harder 800s at my goal pace, and didn't feel like I had to over-exert to do so.
Thursday - Swim & Quickie Bike or Run
This swim will happen after a podcast with Dr. Tim Noakes (so stoked on that btw!) and before a podcast on triathlon news with a special guest host/a good buddy of mine -- you will have to tune in because I know most of you know this dude who I've invited on the show! Hint: He's pro, he's SoCal native...

I think the swim Lucho gave me is just 1400 with a few fast sets of 50s and 100s. The other workout is just like only 20', my choice.

Friday - Travel and ?
I will probably take this day off, wonder what Lucho thinks about that? ;) Or, I may jump in Lake Las Vegas just to feel how miserable it is.

Saturday - Quickie S/B/R
It's pretty standard for me to wakeup and get in a quick little workout of like 10' swim, 15'-30' on the bike and 5-10' run.

Sunday - RACE
My wave goes off at 7:44 AM, yuck, but it is what it is! Not sure of my bib, but you guys can look up my name to track me. In all honesty, I am not setting any time goals given the unique nature of this course and the random things it offers (heat, hills, no wetsuit), which will surely make it different than what I'm used to experiencing in a 70.3. I'll just go out there and race hard and smart, and with heart!
This feels like it was forever ago: August 2012 when I had to go to Steelhead 70.3
and earn that 70.3 World Champ slot for this year!

That's it for now! I also have a much more informative blog coming out today that you will probably get more out of than this, so stay tuned!


  1. Go get 'em girlie! And have so much fun.

  2. Good luck out there, you've got it! Can't wait to see how you do!

  3. Have an amazing race! Can't wait to track you!!!

  4. Any signs of taper madness or just happy to have the rest? (with Lucho probably happy for the rest :p) Go smash it up out there!

  5. I live in Carlsbad! Have a great race Tawnee!