Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did a brick today ... "Oh, what a feelin!"

I just got back from doing a brick, the first I've done since last year. It was awesome. I did about 22 miles on the bike with lots of hill work and basically no flats. Anyone familiar with Orange County may know about Santiago Canyon, Modjeska Grade Road and the surrounding area (Cook's Corner too) about quality hill training!!

Remember where the OC's fires were last year around this time? That's where I ride; there's still visible damage and some trails are still closed. Quite a sight. I recognized one lot where a house had burned down: I remember driving past it post-fire last year and seeing a lone man sitting in a lawn chair admist the smoldering ruins of his house. As of now, that same lot is just a vacant dirt field. Very sad; it's also very odd how some house burned and the next-door neighbors' house survived! Fires work in mysterious ways.

Anyways Modjeska is killer. I highly reccomend it for hill training. I keep hearing about these dreaded hills in the Oceanside IM bike, so I need all the steep shit I can get, and I need to do it over and over! Not to mention, the upcoming Catalina tri, although a sprint, is supposed to have some gnarly hills on the bike. Wow, I know how to pick 'em!

Back to the brick: During my bike-to-run transition, I scarfed a banana, peed, chugged Propel, changed and was off. I did a somewhat-hilly 6-mile run in 45 minutes. I must say, I was proud of myself. Especially since yesterday, I swam hard and did a 5K race-pace run later in the evening, as well as weight-lifting. I'm really trying to build that endurance. Tomorrow will likely be a recovery day.

Total time: 2 hrs/15 min. Max heart rate: 180; average: 135 (which includes a long post-workout stretch/yoga sess; so avg. workout HR may have been higher). Calorie burn: 1,350. Post-meal: Black bean mix (a Tawnee special), 2 pieces of toast, chicken, soy crisps, salsa, salad, fruit...and I'm still kind of hungry right now!

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