Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Despite a Bad Economy...

...Triathlon continues to grow, and I'm not surprised. Read the just-released article here. I know I'll keep pouring my money into it even though I'm on a very tight budget!

"...'In some respects, it's a recession-proof sport,' says [Blair LaHaye, spokesperson for World Triathlon Corp., the parent company of Ironman]... 'We have been fortunate not to see a downturn based on the state of economy.'"


  1. I do envy you for your great weather. I don't know if it gets too hot, but I'd think a place like Hawaii would be awesome to train in the winter. We've had a few days where the temps didn't get above freezing. Snow was a big problem this time last year, but we still can't ride on icy roads. I hate riding indoors despite having a Computrainer a perfect view, fans, remote controls and all sorts of entertainment from TV, movies, music, games, etc.

    I'd much rather have nice weather.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. I agree. I'm still pretty cheap though but shell it out for the local races.

    On that note, are you going to do Wildflower? It's cheaper than the CA 1/2 IM but it's still $220. I was balking a little - what do you think about the price?

    Also, check Michael's latest post - harrowing, and funny.