Wednesday, March 30, 2011

B-day & More prizes for ya!!!

Quick fyi that you need to know: Remember how I said there aren't that many cool lifestyle clothing companies geared toward triathletes/endurance athletes.... except for PunkRockRacing? Well, the founder and CEO himself (he's kind of big deal if you didn't know lol) read that and graciously decided to add more prizes to my blog contest. The schwag he's adding into the mix is brand-new never-released PxRx stuff, so it's extra exciting! I'm going to keep the prize details a secret for now, but I know it will be well-received!

So, if you haven't entered the Contest & Giveaway yet, get on it!!! Only a few days left. Oh crap, that means only a few days till I race! :)

So, yesterday was my birthday and I had three goals (on top of ditching work and school-related stuff for the most part).

1) Swimbikerun. Had it not been mega taper time I would have planned an epic workout, but we kept it to about 30 min of swimming & floating in the ocean, followed by a bike (trainer sess to keep it simple and traffic-free) and run of just over an hour. We did everything in Laguna beach with home base at my gym, so we had the luxuries of showers and towels too :)

2) Stay as far away from computers as possible. I am on and/or near a computer way too much, and I didn't want to spend my b-day in the ol' routine. However, because I get facebook updates on my phone, I still felt connected to the social-media world all day with all those b-day wishes! Sorry that I didn't respond to everyone, also sorry if I didn't respond to all text messages.... tech difficulties, plus I had a date with mother nature.

3) Eat good food. Duh! Sara, who spent the better part of the day with me, treated me to an epic acai bowl for lunch at this new place in Laguna Beach called Banzai Bowls. Basically they're a blended mix of acai and lots of goodness topped with granola, fruit, almond slices and honey. Did I mention they make the acai bowls in a Vitamix? I felt right at home lol. For dinner, it's cliche, but I opted for sushi. I don't get it all that much and really really really enjoy it. A kombucha and one glass of vino also made it in the mix, and somehow I forgot the beet-of-the-day! Oops!

Some pics from the day:

Pre-swim at Main Beach Laguna Beach. I swear I didn't coordinate wearing my PxRx shirt with the updated blog contest schwag... I just love my shirt and wear it 24/7 :)It was a perfect test-the-ocean-water day. The water was NOT cold at all in my opinion and perfect for swimming "hard" in a race situation. Even with the clouds/overcast morning it still felt great, that is, except for my poor feet that were blue before we even got started. Ask the peeps who were with me.... ugh.
Lunch time!This angle of the below pic doesn't do justice to my acai-bowl-to-go... i.e. we ordered larges with extra add-ons and they were HUGE. It probably took me at least a half hour to eat. And that half hour was heaven in my mouth lol.

After SBR'ing and lunch, Sara and I laid out on the beach for a few hours. Haven't done that in forever and, again, had it not been taper that wouldn't have happened, but it was a nice, relaxing treat to say the least. Perfect weather helped.
Got my haircut... can you tell? lol
Gotta love the 10-second timed shots with the camera on some sticks.
Another classic leg shot. No, I'm not flexing my quads, that's just how they are. Raaarrrr ;)
Did I mention I was a dummy and forgot my SCAPE? Silly me!


  1. I love PxRxRacing!! I swear, his stuff makes me run faster :)

    I don't even have the words to describe how jealous I am of being on the beach...

  2. This is awesome, congrat girl, happy birthday! you deserve it whoo whoo!

  3. So water isn't too bad? I'm terrified that I'll freeze on saturday!

    What are your plans post race?

  4. 757-897-9953

    Yep it will Def be time for some celebrating...bday + race!

    we are staying on base at pendleton and have rental car

    likely we'll meet at end of race/bbq etc. as well

  5. thats my kind of bday! just need some wine to finish it.

  6. Happy Belated Bday TP! I told all my peeps at World Triathlon Corp that flew out from CO to CA today) to put on one hell of a race for you, and you are going to love the medals this year. Good luck. I wanted to comment on the sun burn picture, dam girl.. thats the back of someone thats dedicated to Olympic lifts!! Keep up the great work and good luck on your race. DS

  7. happy happy birthday lady!!!!!! that acai bowl looks A-mazing!

  8. awesome! except for the sunburn... ouch!

    I'm still on the beet kick.. day 7 is today... the red comes and goes... but I got off the bike yesterday after my workout and felt great. Not saying it's the beets, but it was a huge difference to how I normally feel after a workout.

  9. Hey! Your pee is going to match your sunburn with all those beets! LOL

  10. I would love to enter the contest -- that shirt you have on in that pic is cool! I'm sure their stuff is awesome. However, I have no idea who to predict and what the time will be, so instead I'll just wish you a very happy birthday. It looks like you've had a great celebration :)

  11. legs = rarrr!!!

    sounds like a great bday!

  12. Thanks for the b-day wishes!!

    DS, my back really isn't that buff... I think it's just the angle of the picture lol. I wish I had the upper body of a REAL swimmer or someone who does Oly lifting regularly (which I haven't been!).

  13. ugghhh... photoshop out, that thing next to you in some of those pics. puuuleeezzz.

  14. Happy birthday TriTawn! More blessings (and PRs) for you this year! Cheers!

  15. First, Happy Birthday! I attempted celebrating my own with a workout, but none of my friends would join me (it's time for new friends, haha).

    The acai bowls look amazing!