Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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For those of you who asked me to give the "nerdy details" about the physiological effects of training in heat, I promise I'll put together a good post on that sometime soon, before Kona for sure. Also, as I learn cool, relevant things in my classes concerning nutrition and environmental exercise stuff, I'll be sure to share the knowledge.

However, the theme of my last post--I'M BUSY--continues.

I'm getting ready to leave for Inglewood/Santa Monica tomorrow night after class to attend a three-day USAT Coaching Clinic. Yup, part of "the plan" is to become a triathlon coach! The clinic is in Santa Monica, so why Inglewood? It's where I'm staying. I know what you're thinking: gheee-tto, but it's where my grandparents live and have lived for probably 60+ years. Their little neighborhood is adorable and a flashback to the '50s, not scary... just leave the parameters with caution. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Gma & Gpa (both in their 90s) as I don't get to see that often these days.

The following weekend is the Orange County International Triathlon, which should be a doozy! The bike course is part of my typical weekend ride, so no worries there. But I've been training on the run course lately, and OH MAN! The hills are by far the steepest/hardest I've seen in a race. Wait, take that back. I think the Xterra 15k Crysal Cove Trail Run is gnarlier. Regardless, I'm mostly excited that a legit triathlon that brings in fast racers takes place right in my backyard.

After that, it's down to San Diego the next weekend for the Mission Bay Triathlon Oct. 4 where I will become the ultimate spectathlete! So excited. If you don't know why, click here.

Then, after thaaatttt I leave Oct. 7 for none other but KONA! Yup, I'm going to the Ironman World Championships!!! I pulled some strings and not only am I going to watch and experience the ultimate Ironman scene for an entire week, I'm actually covering the race and have an official press pass. Thanks to my friend, Roman Mica of, where I have a few bylines, I was lucky enough to get this opportunity to combine my journalism skillzzzz with my triathlon passion. Stoked!

So after all that hoopla, it'll be mid-October. By that time, my life will be something like this: Midterms, Clearwater, school projects, Clearwater, CSCS, Clearwater, thesis brainstorming, Clearwater.

Then when all is said and done triathlon-wise this season... drum roll... I'm going to start training for a marathon! I have not been able to get my running to the level I want at this year at all, so I think taking some time to focus on that skill will help going into the 2010 tri season. (I'll still swim a lot too, and just lay off the bike for a bit.)

I'm planning to run the Surf City Marathon in HB Feb. 7. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever do a marathon unless it followed a 2.4 mi swim and 112 mi bike. But I'm looking forward it!

That's it from me! Back to work.


  1. You are going to be really busy, but lots of fun stuff!! I think you will make a great coach. Very cool about Kona. That will be such a fun and inspiring trip. Can't wait to read all about it.

    Happy marathon training! I have found the key to the marathon is fueling while running.

  2. "Inglewood always up to no good..."

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

  3. I'm a Ph.D. candidate who is training for an ultramarathon and I can fully sympathize with being busy! I've been meaning to blog about it, but I've been too busy for that! I recently realized why there are very few Ph.D. ultrarunners :) Keep up the good work! It's nice to know there's someone else who's juggling like I am!

  4. Your schedule sounds busy, but loaded with everything you enjoy so you'll totally be able to handle it all perfectly. I always succeed when I'm busy because I know there's no time to BS!

  5. Holy crap.
    busy like a cat in a sandbox.

    All good stuff.
    Enjoy it.