Friday, September 4, 2009

Ok, Ok, I Get it!

I started this blog planning to talk about my new-found love of bike commuting to the two colleges I attend. Saving money in no parking permits & less gas by biking instead? Yes please. For the first time this week, I left my house at the dark hour of 5 a.m. to ride to morning swim. It's so rad to pull up on your bike to this: And after a good beating in the pool, take "the long way home" like this: On roads that are clearly indicating a change in the season: ...And by 8 a.m. be all done with 3,000+ yds in the pool and 25 miles on the road. But that whole story will just have to wait because I have a more important issue going on that can no longer be ignored.

Plain and simple: I'm overtrained. Not only am I realizing this on my own, but I've had a couple people close to me, whose opinions I trust a ton, confirm this, including my biggest mentor at SPI. Ever since SB Long Course, it's becoming more clear that my everyday performance is falling flat and not meeting the standards for the amount of work I've put in. And it's by far the most frustrating thing ever.

I think I've continually kept going hard out of this "fear" that I need to get better. As a result, the rest/recovery part of the equation has suffered severely, and I keep digging myself deeper into this hole. As a kinesiology master's student, I should be ashamed. This is like exercise science 101 stuff. I mean, I wouldn't prescribe someone else what I've been doing to myself, especially given the recent symptoms... And I'm no exception to science!

But it's true what they say: It's harder to get an athlete to do nothing than to go out and give it her all for hours every day, every week. Add in hearing about the "epic training sessions" of my endurance-sport acquaintances; well, I want to be right there doing the same!

But I have to play my own game and not worry about others. All signs indicate that I need to slow down a bit and take a break, even with two more BIG races on the horizon.

So that's what I'm doing: resting. I have nothing to lose at this point. As of yesterday, I'm taking a full four days off, with maybe a bit of easy spinning around town and pool splashing thrown in. I'll see where that gets me, and then I may or may not embark the a Labor Day Palomar ride on Monday--I'm stoked just to have been invited by the SD peeps planning it, so I don't think I can stay away haha. From there, I have a new training plan made just for me to test out, compliments of a good friend who I can bug 24/7 with questions and concerns. Super excited for that.

In the meantime, I'm heading to San Diego to let loose a little with my favorite girls who I mentioned a few posts ago. We're going out in downtown tonight, and I told them I have NO IDEA what to wear... the only new clothes I've bought in the last year are for working out. They couldn't comprehend that. So, if you see some repeat outfits in some of the old pictures I posted vs. new ones that I'll soon put up, don't judge me, ok? You know where my priorities are.

No doubt, I'm going to miss being in this position over the weekend:

But I'm also looking forward to a good time in America's Finest City:


  1. Tough place to be but still how else do you discover your limits than to push beyond them, right? It's all apart of the learning process... just make sure you learn. Hope you bounce back even stronger! Have fun this weekend :)

  2. I think us Kin people are the WORST for overtraining. I've definitely done stuff to myself that I would not only never prescribe to one of my clients, but actually fire clients over doing. Whoops :)

  3. Enjoy your few days of rest. Go out and have tons of fun.

    It is better to take a step back and recognize a problem than to do nothing.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Good on ya for taking the issues and dealing with them. enjoy lifes daily simple stuff and let your body and soul revive.
    Weekends like this are made for you.
    Be well

  5. hope the r n r is doing you well. is it wrong for me to still hope that you DO come join us for the palomar ride? :)
    let me know...

    and THEN get back to resting.
    good job realizing you need a break before things got out of hand.