Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gran Fondo: A Sweaty Day

When I sweat up a storm during my solo trainer sessions I don't think much of it because there's no one with whom I can compare sweat status. That changed Sunday. I realized how much of a faucet I am. Though it's hard to really tell, this pic (post-3hr ride) shows me sopping wet:
Backing up....

Gran Fondo weekend. I got into SD Saturday afternoon and hit up Rimel's with Tatiana and Matt. It was my first time at Rimel's and damnnnn it was sooooo good. Basically what I consider a perfect dinner - grilled fish & tons of veggies on a big bed of brown rice. Mmm.

Early to bed, and by 5-something-am on Sunday Tati and I were headed to downtown for GF packet pickup with Starbucks, Clif Bar, banana along the way. The weather looked sketchy, but it wasn't raining. Hope!

Then it changed....

Long story short: That was the most expensive goodie bag+bike jersey I've ever gotten ($100). It started raining ~30 min before GF started, and didn't look like it was going to clear up at all. The ride truly sounded like a blast--especially going across the Coronado Bridge--but not with freezing temps, winds, slick roads packed with all types of cyclists... you get the point.

Tati and I were over it. In fact, I actually start melting in the rain, so it's not a good idea for me to be exposed in it for long...
Tati just gets crazy in that weather so I had to get her out of there asap...We heard rumors that about ~50% of the riders decided not to start due to the weather. That made me feel better for not being "a wuss." Talk of HTFU was floating around, but whatever. I chose health. Ryan and Toby did it (think the shorter course?); I'll be curious what they have to say.

I saw these on twitter later on:

larsfinanger It rained 100% of the 100-mile ride! Crossing the Coronado Bridge was sweet and it was fun to finish the last 50-miles with Mari Holden.

@PaulHuddle - @rochfrey & @heatherfuhr stay dry for another 30-seconds before the Gran Fondo San Diego. Amazing how many nut jobs rode in 50-degrees & pouring rain.

As for us OCD workout-fiends, the next thing I know we were back in North County with fellow GF-bailer Kristin Mayer for a trainer party in her garage. By 11 a.m., the three of us had put in 3 hours of riding. Success after all! (I brought my trainer down in anticipation of a rain-out, good call!) It was good company, good girl talk and good music the whole time; I probably wouldn't have survived that alone given all the trainer sessions that have been forced upon my life lately, so thanks ladies!

The setup:

So back to the sweat thing... Tati or Krisitn barely sweat at all; meanwhile, within 15 min of riding I was drenched! Literally sweating buckets. I had to change sports bras every hour, and I went through three big towels. The other two had little "droplets" of sweat. Wtf?!

Last but not least... regarding my "100 vs. 53" post: Had I done GF, I was going to do the 53-miler. It's already been 2 big build training weeks and next week will be even bigger, so I didn't see the need to put in an unnecessary amount of riding when I could do a t-run instead.

So, you may ask, did I do a t-run right after the trainer sess? No! Ha! I was too wet (sweaty) & cold, and was craving a real meal that didn't come in a package. But I did run later in the afternoon... it was slow, but I got through it and did some other gym stuff too for over an hour. That coming off master's swim & 90-min run on Saturday... Yea, I put in my 15 hours this week.

Bye-bye storm!


  1. Rain, rain...purple rain!!...yeap, not easy, but good try!!

    Keep it trying as much as you can...I can not due to my f... ITBS!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.

  2. Bummed to hear the rain prevented you from racing in the GF. Was looking forward to the post-race post.

    I feel you on the sweat thing though. I go through way too many towels each week.

  3. That sucks to hear about the rain... but jesus, you really put in some dedicated time on the bike-trainer!

    And let me just say that I'm VERY envious of your quads.

    Goodluck with the rest of your 70.3 training!

  4. Nice job of turning lemons into lemonade - sorry the weather crapped out on you guys, but you still got in a good ride with good people. Win-win.

  5. Have no fear! I sweat like a fiend also and my friends just glisten. I like to think it makes me more hardcore but it really doesn't! Oh well!

  6. I'm def bummed we didn't get to ride together but it was a dangerous day out there -- saw lots of falls! Good call staying in to ride, especially in the nicest garage I've ever seen! I've got gearage envy now..


    The GF was ass - "race report" to come soon...

  8. I still sweat more, but then I am a guy (or so I try to convince people.)

  9. well 3 hours on a trainer or riding in the rain makes someone pretty hard anyway so no worries on HTFU. though, kind of bummed you were going to do the shorter ride... also, in SD again and still don't say whats up to the kid?

  10. Great job ladies.
    You made the right choice.
    Sweat is awesome.
    My .02, the Cephalic vein on women can be sexy if it's not too pronounced. Being cut is much more attractive.