Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oceanside 70.3 Spectating

What a weekend! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend. It started off Thursday with my actual birthday, which per my request was a mellow day. I needed that because on either end of the week it was chaotic! For b-day dinner we went to a fancy-shmancy place and I made everyone try bone marrow:

Starting Friday, I made my way down to O'side to work at the expo at the Bonk Breaker booth... one of their reps goes to my gym and offered me the gig. I love the bars and was stoked to do it. Even though I wasn't racing this year, I still had to geek out on this race and the expo was a good excuse to spend the day down there mingling with triathletes... and eating lotsa bites of Bonk Breakers ;) Did you know they have like 9-10 different kinds that are all delish? All GF, dairy-free, soy-free, all have flaxseed and some even have chia seed now! Quality!

It was a fun day. We had carpooled down with pro, Chris Kemp, and on our lunch break I saw the typical scenario: skinny guy motoring down multiple plates of food. Awesome.

Before I knew it, it was 4 AM Saturday and my alarm was going off. Ouch. Back in the car and in O'side again by 5ish. It was cold. Maybe it's because I wasn't racing so I didn't have to suck it up and be tough, but it seemed like it was colder than it's been there in the past 4 years. I had race envy up until the swim start ;)

Then I went into ultimate spectator/sherpa mode... with multiple athletes racing and a stellar pro race to watch, let's just say I never got around the run I had planned nor the break for breakfast! It was just go go go!!! Well worth it, I saw everyone I wanted to see out on the course and tried to get in the best spots possible for the pro race in particular.

Some photos of 1st & 2nd males and females: Andy Potts, Mel McQuiad, Heather Jackson, Richie Cunningham:

By the time I got home whenever on Saturday I was tired but very wound up and it was a weird rest of the day. I actually ended up cleaning my house because Sunday we were hosting a big party all afternoon/evening... housewarming/birthday fun. Nothing says "cool" like scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets on a Saturday night ;)

I was a little afraid that I'd be dead for the party given the previous few days, but I'm an endurance athlete and I just saw this as a big endurance challenge. Good times with a lot of good friends and family. I felt the love.

But by Monday I wasn't feeling the love... my body was wrecked and I'd had one too many drinks on Sunday which didn't help. Lucho told me I have to learn how to train with a hangover. Yea, no thanks. I'll stick to my occasional glass of vino.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend spectating - congrats to you and your athletes!

  2. A great way to spend your birthday! Happy Birthday!