Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pre-Race Ramblings

Thanks for the insightful comments on your supplements! Loved reading through all that. Some good stuff. Eric pointed out that we seem to take a lot of supplements. True. Do they all really matter? I think so. I notice that my body functions better overall compared with when I didn't really take anything (training and otherwise). Plus, I once heard -- and have since seen evidence -- that if you have a iron deficiency and you eat/drink beets then you'll get that red pee color. I used to get major red coloring in my pee, and now I don't. At all. Hm. Anyways, moving on to my random ramblings as I get ready for Vineman this weekend......


*We are driving up to Sonoma first thing Friday.... I mean, John is driving up to Sonoma while I have legs up in compression and mess around on my iPhone, read "Open" by Andre Agassi (I just finished Chrissie's book, I read Macca's book, read Iron War... what's left in new triathlon-ish book world?). Oh yea, and research places to eat and drink (post-race drinking of course). 

*We have a crappy hotel because we booked late. It doesn't seem crappy online, but I read the Yelp reviews and I'm scared. It was either book that place or pretend we have money coming out of our butts. And we don't. I would have maybe splurged, but I'll be in hotels the next three weekends (Sonoma/Napa for 5 nights, then Malibu for a wedding, then SF for a half mary).

*I have no kit to wear so I'll be winging it, and am actually kinds excited haha. I totally dropped the ball on getting something new together and waited till too late. I have last year's cool Ignis outfit, but it's pretty trashed from, well, last year's racing! So if I look like a mismatched freak in the Vineman pics, forgive me... and feel free to point and laugh.

*I'm deciding if I should bring my Vitamix. I'm not that obsessed to the point where I can't live without it, but I am being diligent about my beet juice loading. Started on Monday. I currently am hooked on a combo of raw, organic beets with carrots, orange, apple/or berries, spinach, apple cider vinegar, dash stevia (and sometimes a small scoop of green powder). So should I bring the Vitamix? Or pre-make drinks?

*I'm ahead on work so I can leave in peace. I love that feeling of not only being caught up, but ahead. Well, I don't think I'll ever be caught up, but with my immediate deadlines/duties I am dunzo with it all! That means, after the race, I can go spend a few days in Napa with very little on the to-do list except eat, drink, cruise on the bikes, flop in the water, etc.... I hope.

*I haven't packed. I am envious of efficient packers because I suck balls at packing. Actually, the triathlon part of the trip is by far the easiest. I can easily sit around in comfy clothes and race gear is a no-brainer. It's all the before and after stuff. I'm not that girly, but I do like to at least bring matching outfits appropriate for what we're doing... sigh.

*I'm glad I'm not like the old Tawnee. The old me at this point would be obsessing over who's in my division, and crunching numbers to see what I can pull off time-wise. Not this time. I'll control what I can control, and race my race. I know I'm fit, and I know from training what I'm capable of doing. Wherever that puts me in the rankings is really not my focus. 

*What I am focused on is nailing that run. I was talking with Lucho yesterday about the race, and he said at one point, "Don't be totally in the moment." I thought that was wise. In sports psych we're often told to "live in the moment," and to some degree that's important and true. But in endurance sports you can't blow off what's in your near future. I'll swim/bike like I need in order to run like I want.

*I miss my sweet potatoes. I'm eating fewer carbs this week -- like no sweet potato breakfast, which is otherwise standard -- because I'm training less and don't need all that. But, man, I love those things. I'll be bringing some up with us for Sat/Sun.

*I thought about blogging more about my pre-race diet but I'm kind of over it now. Bottom line is: It's really not that hard to clean up your diet if you have a goal. I'm pretty good with my eating as it is, but there are small tweaks here and there that are needed before a race. Basically cutting the crap. It's not like this is forever ;) Hm, wonder if I'll got for the burger/pizza combo after the race like I did at Rev3 Portland last year.

*Speaking of food, I'll be blogging about places we eat -- the healthy and not so healthy -- so stay tuned.


I did Vineman in '09... here's a glimpse of me back then... 

Met a very special friend that day. 

Second 70.3 ever and fell in love with the sport even more.
It was a good swim (for me) here. Again, please?

Same bike, different helmet thank God haha
Still will be wearing those shades.

Got the podium and 70.3 Worlds.... :)


  1. Bravo!!!!! Superbe!

  2. Hey, great race, well done! I would be really interested to hear about your pre- during- and post- race nutrition if you have the time. I try to write down what I eat the day before a race so that if it works well, I can copy it for the next one! I worry sometimes that I fall into the 'overeating' a day before a race trap though and would like to eat so that I feel as light as possible on race morning. I usually find chicken, eggs, quinoa and sweet potato all fall into my pre- race mealas. quinoa is AMazin!