Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frustrated, Take Two... Oops!

Haha! Looks like I accidentally published a post that I was just getting started on, titled "Frustrated." Don't know how that happened! Anyways, there's no injury or anything (thanks for the concern, Sean in NY :), technically.

The situation: I got stung by a bee on Monday while riding my bike going 40mph. It got me on my right shin, and literally exploded, only the stinger and bee guts were left when I stopped (I was only 22 miles into what was supposed to be a long one, grrr). The allergic reaction was the worst/scariest I've had to date... like, so bad I called 911 because I was out on a highway alone and was starting to experience anaphylaxis. I've had allergic reactions to stings before, but this was the worst yet and the symptoms came on rapidly. The scariest thing that prompted the 911 call was when I started feeling my esophagus and throat start to swell shut. I hadn't ever felt that before. I had called my parents prior to 911 because they live close to where I was riding and could come pick me up, but after I hung up with my dad, I did some quick thinking and I knew had to take action to get help faster than what my parents could offer, as I had no epi pen or anything to relieve me in the moment and sh*t was getting bad quickly. Anyways, the ambulance came, they gave me a fatty epi shot in the L delt and benadryl, some relief soon followed. I went to hospital so they could monitor me, and was released a few hours later, feeling OK but still really weak. (Yes, I'll now forever carry that epi pen with me!)

Yesterday the lingering effects of the sting didn't seem so bad, but that quickly changed as the day progressed. I trained yesterday morning (swim/run), but it hurt to run with the sting being on my lower leg so I cut it short. Last night the swelling and tenderness got so bad I could barely walk (although, I'm certain it's not infected), so I took a benadryl. Now, they gave me benadryl intravenously in the ambulance and I was ok with that, but last night I took an oral tablet, and it wreaked havoc in my system leaving me super sick (will spare you the details). This morning, still sick and leg still throbbing. I've had some relief with a hot compress, but I still have a fat, swollen leg and am limping.

Here's the thing... Normally, I wouldn't really care and would just throw in the towel and take it easy for a couple days, but I can't do that right now. I leave tomorrow first thing for a multi-day modeling gig in San Diego, followed by a flight to San Fran for a half-mary Sunday. I won't be back home until late Tuesday. And I'm "training" for a half-ironman that's on Aug. 19! Eek! Today is my last day with my bike for a week, and I feel compelled to ride with the looming 70.3. I just want to make it through the next stretch of days because they're going to be demanding, but right now I feel like mush :/

As I keep writing this post, I feel like I'm being a total d-bag. Waa waa, right? The bee issue was obviously out of my control and sucks, but everything else is my doing -- like signing up for another 70.3 so soon -- so I need to deal with it and do what I can. My frustration is silly, really. I'm frustrated because I'm worried that I feel like I'll barely have any quality training going into this next 70.3, but I need to just accept that it is what it is, and I do what I can rather than whine about it. I hate sounding so selfish because obviously things could be worse! I believe everything happens for a reason, and right now I'm just getting "tested." No matter what, I'll still give that half-ironman on Aug. 19 my best effort.

Whew, I feel a bit better now. Time to HTFU and deal.


  1. Glad to hear you're going to be OK!

  2. Trust me, I hear every thing you say. It sucks but you are a strong person and will prevail. I have in the past, thanks to you. I am having major issues too right now and feel totally deconditioned but I will give it my all.

  3. OMG! Im allergic to bees/wasps and got "bit" by something the other day on my bike (inner thigh) luckily it was not something I am allergic to and nothing happened. Lesson about the epi pen learned that day and thanks for the reminder because I still did not order a new one.

    hang in there--you are a tough cookie and you'll be fine. Rest girl--best wishes!

  4. Normally I'd say go have a good cry, but you can't with that big modeling gig! Okay, that's almost funny isn't it? Rest up, so you can train hard again later. The main thing is you're okay and did the right thing calling 911. Wow, that's scary!

  5. If you don't feel up for the race, skip it! I had to learn that the hard way earlier this year. I signed up for MANY races early on, got injured and had to sit and think hard about whether or not I should just go race anyways, even though I was injured. Luckily, I didn't and now I'm back on track, stronger than ever.