Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Podium, Fish Oil & a Strength Workout

Vegas. First off, can I get any props for predicting 2/3 of the women's podium at IM 70.3 Worlds exactly right? I was proud of that! (That is, I got it right if you ignore my "update" to include Rinny. Lesson learned: always go with your gut!) Plus, on the men's side I at least got Crowie on the podium, although I was wrong about his placement and failed to guess the other two guys. Potts was at least top-5 so I was on the right track with his ability in the field.

The Podium. Which reminds me... I saw a tweet from Chris McDonald (I think) over the weekend on how the podium consists of the TOP 3. Not the top 5, and not the top 10. Yes, we may get awards that go as deep as 10, but the podium ends after No. 3. Those lines are getting blurred these days it seems. Don't get me wrong, I think it's truly great that races give awards even deeper than the podium because those folks absolutely deserve the credit for being at the top, but it's still not the podium unless it's 1-2-3. Speaking of podium -- hell yea to Beth (2nd) and Charisa (3rd) at IM Wisconsin. If that's not inspiring I don't' know what is! I have loved seeing those ladies work their way up the ranks, so well deserved!!!

Fish Oil/Omega-3s. I posted what I believe is an important must-read blog on on fish oil supplements about how not all are created equal, and you should check what you're taking. It talks about the crucial thing we need to look for in a fish oil supplement. Basically this means the "form" of fish oil--is it ethyl ester or triglyceride form? We want the triglyceride form, but most supplements out there are not that way! Why? Quick answer: It's cheaper to sell the ethyl ester form. You can read the whole blog by clicking here. I also give a little general "why take fish oil" and what brand I use/recommend.

Strength Training. It's that time of year where many peoples' seasons are winding down and offseason fun begins, or simply changing up the routine, or both. For me, I'm bringing more strength training and speed work back into my routine, and I am LOVING it!!! So fun.

Here's a fun workout I did last night:
Dynamic WU
dowel work for arms, core, lower body
air squats
*light* leg press
reverse lunges
scap pushups
serving trays w resistance band
and whatever else you like....

Circuit 1
2-3 rounds...
10 TRX reverse lunges
12 TRX inverted row
10 TRX SL squats ea. leg
3x10 lateral band walks (yes, it's a lot and should burn!)
10 double leg + 20 SL leg TRX hamstring curl
10 TRX atomic pushups (pushup + knee tuck or pike)

Circuit 2
4 rounds...
8-12 back squats with more weight ea. round (go heavy, but ease into it if haven't done this in a while like me)
60" plank variations*
10 bent-over reverse flys with free weights (light)*
*these were integrated to be active recovery between heavy squat sets

Optional before cooldown
Deadlifts: After a bit of rest post-circuit 2, I still wanted to work the booty a bit more so I ended with 3x10 DLs on full recovery... didn't go as heavy as the squats but still worked it. I can really target my glutes and hammys well on DLs and that's what I need!


  1. I LOVE this workout - I am doing this first thing next week after my last race this weekend! Thx!

  2. Thanks for the post - good points.

    On the ROI side, the TG based fish oil supplements I've been able to find out there are about 75% more expensive (per mg) than the EE based ones. From a bio-availability perspective (only) the 50% gain in absorption doesn't get you all the way there.

    However, there are other potential side-effects from the release of the ethanol as well as accelerated oxidation (definitive studies still pending) - and erring on the side of safety until definitive studies are available can have personal value that are on top of bio-availability - especially for those that have higher sensitivities or allergies to such binders.


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