Saturday, September 8, 2012

Final Vegas Predictions

In case you didn't see my previews on the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas this weekend, you can CLICK here for the men's preview, and CLICK here for the women's preview. I also did a podcast with Brad Culp yesterday with a Vegas preview, which I posted today; CLICK here for that. If you're in Vegas, my full preview in print is in the Official Ironman Athlete Guide.

Now final predictions, who do I think will be on the podium?

Andy Potts
Greg Bennett

Angela Naeth
Kelly Williamson
Heather Jackson

Personally, I think the women's race is going to be closer than the men's. With Kessler, Corbin, Cave, Wurtele, Hauschildt, etc.... man, so many girls with podium potential! I want all their names in the top 3!!! As for the men, I was tempted to put Michael Raelert on my top 3, but I don't know! Vegas is not Clearwater... though, it seems like he's back with fervor.


Apparently Mirinda Carfrae is racing tomorrow too (there was some question on that in recent weeks), which really has me wondering now what the f*&% will happen in the women's race!? I think I need to change my top three now that I know she's in...


Who do you guys think will land on the podium? 


  1. Ralert not on the podium?? I think he's back and ready to roll. He might run a 1:09 tomorrow, which might be good enough for the win...

  2. I'll put Raelert on the podium but not Rinny. That has no basis other than just a complete guess! ;)