Saturday, February 23, 2013

Traffic, Beers, Video Podcast, Running....

Sitting in my hotel in downtown LA finishing up a new podcast that's uploading.... So, yesterday I had a 3pm meeting off Sunset in West Hollywood. After that, the plan was to drive to downtown LA to my hotel for the weekend, only ~10 miles away. Ha! On a Friday at 4pm? Easily took more than an hour to drive that far! Insanity. I don't mind that situation every once in a while, but if I had to live that every day like many people do? I'd die.

But anyway, my goal was not to rant about traffic here. I'm now here in LA, only hours before Endurance Live tonight and am loving this weekend already! Last night I met Lucho for the first time in person after now knowing him and talking to him weekly since October 2011. Pretty weird and crazy! It was good times to see him live. Mostly, because he showed up with a couple nice, hoppy IPAs in hand after my shitty drive haha (Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and a Stone IPA, the latter which I didn't think he liked after a recent chat about beer on our podcast, but whatever I love it). Then he proceeded to teach me how to open the beers with a bike cleat. Ahhh, lessons from coach. I proceeded to cause a foamy explosion of beer in doing so. Oops.
The beers, after.

Then this morning we ran 10 miles together through Santa Monica and Venice, and it was a blast! I hate running on concrete but made an exception this time, and it was worth it. It was one of those runs where 10 miles went by in what felt like 2 seconds, and then you're done and you look back and realize you were chatting it up the whole time, still holding a decent pace...

Now, let's just hope I have enough energy to keep me going until well after midnight tonight at the Endurance Live Awards, which is, of course, the reason that we're even congregating here in LA. My grandma-ish 9pm bedtime ain't cuttin it tonight!

Also, if you are around between 6-7pm PST tonight, head to to catch a live video podcast with our crew from Endurance Live. Should be some random entertainment for your evening :)

And on that note, the podcast is loaded and up, a new Ask the Coaches. Get it here. Peace out!

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