Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Season Announcements

Whew! Quick announcement of some exciting stuff going on this year with ambassadorships and sponsorship. I have the opportunity to work with some really great people, and use some of the best products that exist in our industry.... I couldn't be more thrilled!

I fell in love back in Kona, remember? Well, our worlds collided at the right time. Specialized is launching a new maven program with amateur athletes for 2013, which I'll be a part of this year -- in fact, I think I am the only one signed on for now. I will be doing some fun work with the team this year, and of course I will be riding a Shiv in all my races. (I am drooling just writing that -- I couldn't be more stoked. The bike is like butt-ah.) I am due to get my new ride in the next week or so. Expect bike porn. 

110% Play Harder Compression
I love my compression! It's no secret that I've been a total compression nerd in the past (stemming from grad school days), so I am very excited to be a a Play Maker this year. 110% Play Harder puts out some amazing socks, which I definitely tried and tested even before I got on board with the team. Plus, the way they incorporate the sleeve and ice packs so you can bang out your compression-wearing and icing all in one? Just genius.

If you haven't tried the 110% Play Harder compression yet, go check it out and get some now. You can "use me" for a sweet discount, too. Enter the code: 110CoachTawnee at checkout for 10% off your purchase and FREE shipping. Heck ya!

Skratch Labs
This year I'll officially be representing my sports drink of choice, Skratch. Teaming up with Skratch and the crew just feels right. I've been using the drink for years -- back when it was still "Secret Drink Mix" and sold on the black market (just kidding) -- and I am a big fan of the company and their grassroots style. Most importantly, the drink works for me with my racing (after trying so many things that did not work). And it works for my athletes too -- all of whom are Skratch users. Plus, Allen Lim is a good friend of mine, and I know he knows his food, so beyond just the drink I am stoked to have resources like the Feed Zone Cookbook at my fingertips, as well as turn people on to the amazing recipes that are offered from Allen and Chef Biju. If you have yet to try Skratch and/or you're curious about some Feed Zone recipes, please leave me a comment and let's chat more!

Bonk Breakers
Yea, these are some quality bars, but it does mean I'll now have to work more closely with Mac and Aaron... ohhh maaannnn geezzz. Haha, just kidding. I love the guys at Bonk Breakers and, again, teaming up with them just feels right. I've been friends with many of them for a long time now, and I love the product. I am obviously a big nutrition nerd, and the ingredients in BB bars get the a-ok seal of approval from me (i.e. they are organic, non-GMO, soy-free, GF, etc)! I've tried all varieties at this point (that's what happens when you spend a day working at their booth at an expo), and I love them all -- especially the ones with chia. I also use these bars in my training and racing, on the bike mostly, in conjunction with Skratch. It's the perfect match of quality nutrition.


  1. congrats Tawnee!

    I love BB bars too, but I do feel like they have gotten smaller over the years...

  2. Sounds terrific! Do you have some more info on the Specialized maven program? I know someone (not me:)) who would be perfect!