Thursday, March 20, 2014


I am The Real Starky (Twitter world: @TheRealStarky, the only person who's finally saying it like it is in the triathlon world). Here’s the story. I created the account because for a long time I would have these amazing yet somewhat offensive ideas and thoughts that would pop into my head, and publicly as “Tawnee Prazak” I knew I might get myself into some trouble if I were to verbalize those thoughts on Twitter or social media. I assume that many of my followers and fans perceive me as someone who’s pretty PC, or dare I even say a tad more on the innocent side. It seemed wise to uphold that reputation rather than become a sh*t talker and say-it-how-it-is kind of person.

How do these thoughts come to me? Well, first of all I’m a little more snarky (no pun intended) and “not so PC” by nature after all. Secondly, I’ve been involved in the triathlon world for a long time now, and have seen it all up close for years. Everything from Kona after parties to behind the scenes in the media realm, to hundreds of races and triathlete get-togethers of all kinds. All that experience and exposure had my mind racing with things I really wanted to say, but couldn’t. Especially with triathletes and how they can be, pro or amateur. Sometimes it’s just like, “really?!?!” I know you know!!! The ideas were just building up and it got to the point where it was just too good to keep to myself any longer.

Enter The Real Starky. Becoming TRS on Twitter seemed like the perfect solution to my quandary. I’d be able to get all those thoughts off my chest and into the world, target the right audience and key players, all with complete anonymity… and all while still upholding my reputation as Tawnee Prazak. Genius!

I never thought TRS would explode with popularity the way it has, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s becoming too hard to keep my identity a secret, which is why I’m finally coming clean.

There. I said it.


PS - You'll be seeing a lot of "confessions" today. Don't believe the rest ;)


  1. Care to explain the back-story on why so many people are "confessing"? I get that by having so many people do this it clouds the air and makes it harder to verify who that person actually is. Feel free to write it in a hypothetical sense if you're still sticking to your guns that it's you. Thanks.