Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Battle of the Devil & Angel

So, sometime in July I was seriously considering making August a super easy month to not burn out on training/racing. But at the same time I was stoked on the idea of training hard to get better for Clearwater and also wanted to keep my streak going of averaging one or more races per month in 2009. The only Aug race that appealed to me was Santa Barbara, but that'd still require all the travel, etc., so I was on the fence.

Meanwhile, the devil on one shoulder said to kick back and take some time off--head to San Diego not to train but to stay with my best friends from my SDSU days and enjoy that scene for a while (they live in PB, I know I know). Well, no offense to my college friends--I love them to death--but thankfully my angel on the other shoulder was more convincing and I decided to push hard with training in August and go forth with doing the SB Long Course. Great decision! It also helped that a group of friends were doing SB, so I could team up with them for the weekend, definitely a no-brainer!

So, yet again, I'm heading out of town tomorrow for what should be a memorable race & weekend. The SB Long Course doesn't fit into a traditional triathlon distance--it's a 1-mile swim, 34-mile bike and 10-mile run--practically a half-Ironman. Hopefully I tapered enough because my legs were still screaming on my bike ride this morning. ugh.

And, to not completely blow off my college friends this year (yea, I've been pretty MIA with them), I'll be heading down to SD for my best friend/old roomie Courtney's birthday on Sept. 4. Looks like I have some other fun activities on tap just a couple days after that on Labor Day(Palomar ride?!) so I'll leave the drinking to Court and the crew. Maybe for the first time I'll be DD for the girls because I sure wasn't ever DD back in the day!

I was looking for a few pictures to give you guys a glimpse of the old me with my two favorite SDSU partners in crime... I came across so many old, funny and crazy memories but I decided to keep it PG:
Courtney & me in Pacific Beach on some holiday weekend...

Me, Goldie and Courtney getting ready for a night out at, I'm assuming, at our old apartment.

Jen, Court, Goldie and me riding the mechanical bull in TJ. Wow. This is an old one. And that was quite a night.

And growing up... Court, me and Goldie sometime last year, more civilized. Sort of.


  1. Hi Tawnee,
    I live in SB, and I am actually gonna be volunteering on the long distance course this sat! (I'll be the water aid girl :) )
    That's so awesome you are doing the event! If it's not too creepy of me to ask, I'd love to meet you and say hi after the race or something!

  2. Have fun this weekend! I am sure you are going to rock it.

  3. Look at that hair!! I assume triathlon can claim those long locks as a victim?

  4. Yea Julia, you likely know what I look like from my blog... so just keep an eye out for me, I'd love to meet you! I'll be the one with a rowdy crowd of triathletes & parents post-race haha.

    PS - Awesome that you're volunteering! Thanks!

  5. Good luck this weekend!

    Maybe we can squeeze in a run when you're down for Labor Day weekend (assuming I'll be able to run by then). We could even have an old DA reunion with Rene; she's been running a lot this past year too!

  6. Good luck! Looks like some awesome times in college...