Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's winding down, only 11 more days until Clearwater! I feel as ready as I can be both physically and mentally. I've trained well and have had fun with it, not too much not too little. In short: I'm super excited to race. Refreshed & ready!

Although I've been training hard, particularly on my swim and run, I'm having fun and keeping busy with other aspects of life, too. Maintaining that balance in my life has helped a lot—I'm definitely a happier triathlete! Unless the day comes where I'm an elite racer and have pro potential, there's no reason to live like a monk for this sport. (Acutally, I'm just trying to justify why I stayed up too late and drank too much on Halloween...oops.)

My goal for Clearwater is to PR my half-Ironman time. That's it. Of course I'll always strive to do my best in my AG, but there are fast ladies at World Championship races, and going in the 4:30 range just isn't something I'm capable of yet (stress the yet!!). I'm totally fine with that. Everyone says, "Oh it's a flat course, you're going to kill it." I'll do what I can. And I guarantee I'll race my own race out there.

Until Nov. 14, though, I have a lot going on with work and school (more tests, more presentations, more meetings)... so I'll finish this up with a few pictures that explain why my bike ride on Nov. 1 was not pretty. Yea, I almost hurled on the side of the road several times. But the fun I had on Halloween was well worth it, and thankfully I had gotten in my last key long bike and long run in before the party.

Some of the boys I grew up with (I was the only girl in our neighborhood... hmmm)

This guy (the "Mexican whistle dude") poured a shot down my throat faster than I could react and say no! Ew. Bearded Lady in the background.

My friend Dave's costume... the shirt says "Ask me about my zombie costume."

So I did...

Best costume I saw...


  1. Nice work on the spur o the moment costume.

    And that title could give a false impression ;-)

    Get after it in CW. You ARE READY!!

  2. Hi there! Been following your blog since your coverage of Kona. Inspirational stuff. All the best for Clearwater! It would be my dream to be racing at the world's stage!


  3. Cute pictures!!

    Sounds like you are physically and mentally ready for Clearwater. Just go out there and do your thing.

  4. Nice costumes! Good luck at Clearwater!!

  5. Pffft... Clearwater is going to own you. You have no chance. Well, unless you hop on someone's wheel for the whole race - which I know you will.

  6. let me know your plans for FL. we should def ride/run/swim together. colleen.barnett@gmail.com