Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update & Sneakin Away

Finishing the semester was a big relief (so were the straight A's). I'm still busy, but I have been able to relax a little more and training hours added up quickly this week; it's nice to work out and not feel rushed or on a strict time schedule.

There's only one problem: No running. Nope, not once since the OC Duathlon. Yup, I definitely have an issue... that dang IT Band! Long story short, it comes down to mechanics. I know the ins & outs of correct form and can pick apart someone's run/bike mechanics pretty well, but I'm missing that third-party feedback letting me know if I personally am doing it all correctly even if I think I am.

Finishing the Du; you can see the look of "uh-oh" on my face (courtesy of opix)...

So, plan is to stay off running for a bit. It's been a week today. Sucks, because this was the last "big week" before Boise 70.3, but it is what it is. I'm not stressing. The good news is: where I lacked in running I made up in swimming, which is definitely something I need... I logged 16k in a five-day period--new record for me! Thankfully it's mostly LCM so less pushing off the wall, which hurts. Plenty of cycling, gym time, rowing and PT too.

Saturday morning I rode 65 miles. It was a very enjoyable, sunny and hot 3.5 hours out in OC. Crazy winds, interesting people and lots of thinking time. I couldn't help but laugh at one point because I think GU saves me from becoming a thief... I often get very tempted to steal strawberries from the fields because they smell sooo good, but instead I'll suck down one of these:

I've also included a little low-intensity hiking. Like I say about surfing, hiking is therapeutic for me. It's nice to get out in nature, away from technology and not feel like you have to hold a certain HR, yet you're still being active. It's just enjoyable and a good way to spend an afternoon with someone special.

Benoit & I, almost at the top of Saddleback Mountain (uh, jk, not quite haha)... Stopping to smell the flowers...

A little serenity (sorry, just a pose, I wasn't actually meditating)...I wore my new Zoot Active compression pants during the hike. In fact, I've been wearing them during a lot of workouts lately, and these things rock...

Anyways, speaking of "someone special," Benoit gave me flowers the other night. I accepted them graciously, but later told him I'm not much of a "flower girl." I'd personally rather have a bouquet of spare tubes, CO2 cartridges and body glide or something. Seriously. So, these were a first and a last:
Don't get me wrong... I like flowers. Just not when they're all cut up out of their natural element. Seeing them on during hike is good enough for me.

Next up: A little getaway to SLO to visit the sis. Just trying to make every moment count.


  1. That's some serious swimming! Sorry to hear about the running but I predict that the break will end up being a big help for the next 70.3.

    Congrats on the grades and for sharing some great photos.

    All the best,


  2. I'm with ya on the flowers thing. Nice job swimming.

  3. I am the same way with flowers! I love them but rather have something tangible. I like seeing them in nature!

    Congrats on the swimming! That is awesome and I wish I had the determination to do numbers like that. Someday!

  4. still issues with ITB...are you using the "knee" strap above the knee? what regiment are you using. high knees running with kick outs for about 50 yards intermixed with normal stride? caused by bike? saddle to high? cleat not angled properly to your tibial angle?

  5. congrats on the str8 A's! Also I would bring water and steal all the strawberries along the way :)

  6. congrats on the fabulous grades and the new cute boyfriend!