Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update via Photos

So while staying down in SD during the Zoot shoot, I brought my bike for pre-dawn trainer sessions. Unfortunately I forgot my cycling shoes, and on that particular morning I really didn't feel like running, so we got creative. My friend duct-taped my feet to the pedals! It actually worked perfectly for the whole 75 min, and it was tough to get off the bike. Literally. Um, and notice my addiction in this photo.... gum!

Moving on. Here are some inside shots from the modeling gig courtesy Zoot (thanks Molly)! One of my upcoming blogs is going to be "the real story" of my modeling experience. Quite funny. Let's just say it started off awkward for me. oh man.

Christi & me chillin in the kitchen between shots. She was one hot mamma (a mom who's a fitness model with a killer bod. hope I look that good after kids!)...

On our "outdoor lifestyle" day we got to work with the boys and take shots all around SD. Can you guess where we are here? (Hint: PCH, I've stopped there to go pee during bike rides, always smells amazing. This day was my first time eating there, and, oh my, so good)...

The man himself, John Segesta. John was THE BEST. He made modeling and "feeling it" in front of the camera much easier, fun and comfortable. Lots of laughs. This is John getting his fixie mountain bike delivered on set during the shoot. He was giddy!

With Carly in the "dressing room." I love that zoot finds real triathletes to do their modeling; Carly is faaaast (she was 3rd female in 25-29 AG at Oceanside 70.3 this year).

Here I am probably texing my mom & probably writing: "I think I found my perfect Zoolander 'Blue Steel' face, not!" or "Holy crap, they're feeding us sushi for lunch and there's endless coffee here -- heaven!" or "I want to take all these clothes, shoes, etc home with meeee!"

Like I said, Zoot fed us well. Healthy food and not-so-healthy indulgences. They probably wanted us to be cracked out on sugar to look peppy in the shots! Not gonna lie, I never at a Reese's (because I can't just have one of those damn things) but I did have some M&Ms.

Then, just like that, I was done with Zoot & back to reality it was. Modeling was hard, but catching up on school & work after was just blah. I needed time off... so...

One Friday night a "miracle" occurred: I actually didn't turn down an invite to go out for dinner, drinks and dancing with friends. It was fun! Although, I was bummed that our ride didn't want to leave until nearly 2 a.m.; I was ready to call it a night at 10. Just call me grandma! This pic sums up the night well:

All the while, I have not slacked on preparing & eating good food whenever I can. Love cooking! This is an amazingly delicious quinoa "salad" with everything -- lots of fresh veggies, a mix of proteins, orange slices, a homemade greek-yogurt dressing, etc)

This is a dinner I made after a 4-hour training day. Sweet potatoes (two varieties - white & orange, so were the orange ones yams? I dunno! I prefer white!), Beth & James-inspired cauliflower "rice" with extra veggies, real rice, steamed asparagus, and salmon made just the way I like it... sauteed in lemon with a little garlic salt and slowly cooked. Mmmm mmm, melts in your mouth.

From food to family... Love my parents. Our house is like a transition area on weekends. I'll be riding home on my bike and see my Dad & Syd 3 miles into their 9-mile run. So awesome!
Then there's my mom. Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of her most recent (and amazing) accomplishment. She entered into the SW Zone Championship Swim Meet with our master's group and killed it in her two events -- both relays; one she swam 50 breast, the other she swam 200 free. Her team podiumed (2nd) in both events! Go fast mom! And Nadadores won overall... woo hoo yaaa :)


Saved some random pics for last. Remember that big football training guide school project I mentioned? Well part of our manual includes a photo guide of certain strength & conditioning exercises, all of which I do in my regular routines and want to share. I swear, just a little bit of this non-sbr stuff goes a long way! I'm a total advocate of giving up a little sbr in order to get in quality strength & conditioning. (My next article in Triathlete will explain that more)

Box jumps (I don't use a box that high)...
Upper-body plyo exercise: downward medicine ball throws (although this is for our football guide, triathletes: think swim stroke)...

Core work... medicine ball rotation (also for core: planks, side planks, planks with DB lift, bicycle situps, etc, etc, etc. Love core work)

Kettlebell lifts (I was hurting here; this pic was taken post Sunday mega training)...
Good mornings (modeled by triathlete-in-the-making Tanner)...

Calf raises... look at Tanner's calf definition! She's going smash the bike! Gnar!Supermans (several varieties of this. but point is -- not all strength & conditioning involves weight)...Some other pics I left out of exercises I love... barbell back squats, deadlifts and/or RDLs, lunges, lateral lunges, pullups, upper-body dips, plyo pushups, lat pulldowns, row, anything w mini bands. Ok, I'm rambling.


  1. the pannikin is SINFUL to ride past at any point in any bike ride!

    nice pics - i love mondo picture posts!

  2. Hmmm...that's one way to keep the shoes attached to the bike. Could you just slip your foot out or did you have to untape the shoe?

  3. Ha ha..I can't believe you duct taped your shoes! I would have fallen on my a** if I would have done that! :)

    Awesome pics from the modeling shoot! It looks like you had a great time!

  4. Can't wait for your next article - I struggle at the gym trying to decide which strength exercises would suit me best for triathlon, and would welcome the guidance.


  5. great post... i totally agree with you about the strength work... it will make you better/faster and prevent injuries.

  6. Love the post and the pix! Congrats to your mom!

  7. Wow what an awesome shoe and i love this post