Friday, October 1, 2010

Triathlon-filled day

Even though I'm a triathlete on the mend and racing has been non-existent, I still immerse myself in the tri world. Yesterday was a good example of that, and it made me thankful for all the amazing relationships I've developed.

It started with an early wakeup and drive down to Balboa Park in San Diego for a daylong video shoot with Triathlete Magazine / There was a lot of biking, running and sports-med sort of stuff, including "muscle shots" and massage, haha. Sadly swimming got nixed because of freakishly random thunder & lightening storms, which pretty much guarantees pool closures; ocean swimming was an optional but the videographer had no waterproof equipment and it was raining a lot.

Our work will come together in a new video series called "Med Tent" featured online. Stay tuned.

I then sat in traffic forever and had to cancel the fitness class I teach because I'd be too late, bummer (you'd think two hours would be enough to travel ~70 miles, but not in SD with rain!). So straight home it was, where I found a few goodies waiting for me...

GU was awesome enough to send me their yummy new Watermelon Chomps. Are you allowed to eat chomps when not training? Well I did! They taste so darn good, like candy! You guys also HAVE to try out their new Nectars line. If anything, they come in the cutest packages I've ever seen! There's a free 6-pack available online. Click here for details!!!

Also, looks like SCAPE wants to keep me well-protected in Kona. As Maggs said, I might need sunscreen just to shield me from this bright visor! SCAPE sunscreen continues to amaze me. The bottle lasts forever and I never have issues with greasy/sticky/stinging-eyes feelings when I use it. Most recently, SCAPE got me through the Catalina Channel Crossing, last week's heat wave among other outdoor adventures. Gotta say, I think the face stick is my favorite! (Notice the cute Kona '10 logo on the visor!)

Then last but not least I got some love from Zoot. They take good care of me and I'm grateful to work with such a fun team that makes all-around quality tri gear. Just wait till you guys see their Spring '11 line, so awesome!!! I want one of everything haha. We have another shoot coming up later this October, I can't wait to see their new stuff.

Anyways, a good day in my little triathlon bubble.


  1. OMG, just watched your video. GROSS. saw the picture you used of my friend i almost killed. funny. good job.

  2. You are sooo lucky! All of that stuff is awesome!

  3. Dear Zoot & Tawnee,

    I like free stuff too. Especially since I'm so poor I've been wearing the same gear for 10 years (seriously). Feel free to surprise me in Kona this year.


  4. Scape is the best. I have found it hard to get bc all you ambassadors must be using it. Ha, kidding.
    And watermelon, sounds yummy!

  5. Lucky you!! Have fun in Hawaii - BTW your article in Triathlete mag 2 months ago was great!

  6. Free stuff rules, looks like you are more than set. You are ready to kick serious butt at Kona!

  7. Great Stuff! I am looking to purchase Scape pretty soon. How did it hold up in Kona?

  8. Very cool stuff going on in your life! Congrats!! Thanks so much for introducing yourself in Boise. Can you believe I was already a couple weeks prego there and I had no clue yet?! ;-) Hope to see you next season!!