Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I had two resolutions for 2010.

1) Use reusable grocery bags every time I shopped.
2) Paint my toenails.

I stuck to #1 pretty darn well, but never once did I do #2. Failed miserably. Plain toenails the whole year. Oh well, guess I'm just not good at tapping into that part of my femininity. Not going to try in 2011. I have better things to work on...

1) More travel and worldly culinary experiences.

I love going to new places and I love trying new foods, but I definitely don't do either enough. I easily get stuck in my everyday routine and won't venture out. No longer! I've had a few awesome experiences and am hungry for more. It could be a different state in the U.S. or a country on the other side of the world, bottom line: I want to see the what's out there and try different cuisines along the way.

2) Don't make excuses with my racing / take an existentialist approach to triathlon.

Battling an injury in '10 and taking sport philosophy class gave me a lot of time to think about my state of mind with triathlon. It wasn't that healthy. I often made excuses for why things went they way they did (just look at my old RRs) and, worse, I was too concerned with the outcome of a race and thus lost sight of the journey that took me to the finishline. Basically, I was unable to live in the moment and enjoy triathlon to the fullest because I feared the number on the clock at each transition and ultimately the number at the end. Yes, a certain amount of concern with time is good and drives one's competitiveness, but there's a fine line. I don't want to be that person who races in fear then tells an excuse-laden story when things don't go perfectly.

So I'm taking a new approach now: 1) Live in each moment (and enjoy it as much as I can) rather focusing on the future and/or past; 2) No excuses and no trying to justify a sub-par race result because "x-y-z" happened.

If you catch me whining and making excuses please remind me of this post lol.

Last but not least...

3) Date smarter... actually, maybe even just stay away from dating until I have my own shit figured out.

I've had trouble in the dating department for about 2.5 years now. There are many reasons for this that I'd rather not go into; although, I bet if I told some of my stories my blog would become more popular lol. I appreciate what I learn from dating and even what I learn from not dating and being single, despite the hurt that sometimes accompanies both. I believe one must date the wrong guys to truly appreciate what's right in the end. But for now, I'd rather just stay away from the whole scene because I have a lot on my personal to-do list and I'm sick of the BS. Love will happen one day, I believe that, but I'm content being on my own for now!


And with that, I'm off to go on a long bike ride to start this New Year off right!


  1. Hmmm... Maybe my next post will be about your dating life because I have some pretty funny stories and my blog's been quiet...

  2. The best way to find a partner is to stop lookin!

    I love your goals for the New Year and may even steal one from you. I need to live more in the moment with my races. So I am going to try and do that!

    Have a great year!

  3. Yes you should travel more TP - Canada will be a good step for you. But there is SO much more to see and do in the world. And from what I think you are trying to do, your knowledge will be that much more valuable.

    I also understand the race issue and saw exactly that in you this year.. it's okay, I feel ya. You have immersed yourself in the triathlon and fitness realm, success is something you crave and it's easy to make excuses when you fall short. Again, you will be stronger and more valuable for even just understanding that you think negatively because of your results.

    And the boys... seems like we could talk allllllll day long about that together. I have too many stories and often think I should write a blog just about my dating life.

  4. i love stories. i just wish i didn't have to tell any. lol.

    you're blog has been fabulous this year. so informational and inspirational. Here's toa great 2011!

  5. HA! Oh Boy, I dated alot of the wrong guys too, and when i found the right one i knew so dont regret that decision at all! As for the toenails....well...I try but heck what is worse than plain toes? Toes that have half - painted chips on them.
    Happy New Year Tawnee!

  6. You're onto something. I *totally* hear you on #1, and I think you and I have turned a similar corner with #2.

    lose the BS!

  7. I'd try the toenails in 2011 too. You can do it. We believe in you.

  8. I like Goal #2 a lot, just because it involves the word "existential", Buddhism is such a good common sense and realistic way of thinking.

  9. With regards to Boulder, CO and your goal to date smarter - I just ran across's list of the 15 fittest cities for singles (via It seems as though the only city ranked higher than your current location IS Boulder, CO!

    Good-luck with your eventual move and dating success!