Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just gotta share...

Ya know that gym session/bike I mentioned HAD to be done before any more blogging would occur? Well it was awesome and I want to share because you should do it, especially the strength circuit...

PIT Class at SPI (aka high-intensity strength training circuit)
WU routine of glut bridges, windshield wipers, reverse lunges w twist, sumo squats, etc, and rowing to get HR up. Then the "meat" of it...

Main workout
8 rounds:

5-10-5 gassers (aka short agility run/sprint with cones)
8 deadlifts (did mine @ 115 lbs)
10 overhead squats with full-body band*
8 inverted ring rows (think TRX)
20 four-step lateral box steps (10 ea. side)
20 can openers**
20 side plank hip dips/lifts (10 ea. side)

This took me about 40-45 min including warmup.

Then I downed a premade carb/protein drink, chit-chatted a bit, changed into cycling clothes and was off for Round 2...

20-mile bike
From Laguna Canyon to Lake Forest, the long way. Did a bunch of fartlek-style high-intensity intervals but nothing super structured, it was mostly to stay warm because despite sunny weather, it was so incredibly cold that I almost went back to my car (actually the van that I'm temporarily driving) and just drove home. But I decided to tough it out knowing Xmas dinner leftovers were awaiting at home :)

*squats with one giant rubber band that you step on with both feet and hold above your head, so essentially you're boxed inside the band. There's a lot of resistance created in this position and it's NOT easy to maintain perfect form; usually your arms and/or knees will "fall forward" but that's bad and you have to resist that by activating the core, shoulders, gluts, etc. This was the hardest exercise for me in the whole routine especially due to my poor upper-body flexibility.

**lay supine (face up) on the floor holding a decently heavy kettlebell above your chest, arms fully extended. Lift legs and lower. Repeat 20x. Great core exercise.

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