Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Coach For Me!

Yup, I finally made the move to hire a triathlon coach for myself. This is something I've wanted for a really long time, especially as a coach. I devote so much time to my athletes and their training plans -- thinking about them, writing them, talking about them with my athletes, etc., etc. -- then when it comes to me? I just sort of wing it based on what I know. It's worked alright so far. Thankfully I'm an intrinsically motivated person so it doesn't take much to get me to SBR.

But as a coach, I see the value in having a coach. I think it's important to have someone else's perspective on your training and racing. It provides an objective point of view that one's self can't fully achieve, and it's someone with whom you can collaborate. Not to mention a coach, at least a good coach, will also be part psychologist -- because we all know triathlon goes deeper than just swim, bike run -- among other roles.

There are lots of other deep, thoughtful reasons I could list on why it's great to have a coach and why I want one... but for time's sake, the bottom line is, yes, I do want someone else in charge of assessing my needs and goals, writing the plan, analyzing my data, giving feedback and so on in effort to get me faster. I'll worry about my athletes in the meantime! It's really a win-win for all parties involved :)

The thing is, I'm picky. Not surprising. I want someone who shares a similar philosophy and outlook on this job. He/she doesn't have to be exactly like me, but we can't but heads. I've had my feelers out for a while now, and I just haven't found that person. Then recently I started a new podcast over at Endurance Planet and was introduced to this guy. I knew of him, I've read his blog and was excited to start chatting with him on a regular basis. After recording a few episodes, the seed was planted... I had a good feeling that this guy might be the coach I've been looking for.

So I asked him.

And, now, I got me a coach -- Lucho!


  1. Hey Tawnee - congrats on working with Lucho! I'm sure you are going to do GREAT, I hear is an awesome coach. Stoked for you! If you have a coach, certainly you must have goals for next year... spill 'em!

  2. congrats! i'm doing the opposite... i think I'm starting my year coach less...... sooo expensive and I find I start taking things a little too seriously to the point that i don't have fun anymore. who knows. i might change my mind mid season

  3. AMAZING! Lucho is the bomb diggity and most importantly, he really cares about his athletes and nothing he does is haphazard... at least with his athletes- he tries some crazy shit on himself though, right Lucho?
    So excited to see where this takes you T. You are going to be a smokin'RUNNER the way you already smoke the bike

  4. One of his picture says :

    I wish my driveway was longer. I love shoveling snow.

    on that picture :

    I love that guy already, good choice!

  5. Tim is crazy sharp - you will swear he has a PhD and spent 10 years in medical school.

    Ask lots of questions, and have fun!