Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New PR

I finally caught the "Sh*t Triathletes Say" videos one night this past week. I like Melanie McQuiad's the best. Funny chick. Yesterday I was cracking up because at one point in my ride I said to myself, "This is a new PR for me!"

The PR? Sustaining a 2-3 mph average on the bike for an extended period of time. Ha! Sounds pretty bad right? Well that's what happens when you try and climb Saddleback Mountain in OC for the first time in your life on a mountain bike and the winds are so bad that you're getting thrown off your bike.

It was a blast.

Sucks that we had to turn around so soon into the ride, but we'll be back soon again to get up that 9-mile route of relentless climbing. Good times!


  1. What kind of video camera do you have there love?

  2. you girls are badass. good job.

  3. looks like just another day of riding and running in Boulder this time of year. I like how you switched it up to kickass MTB, and look how aero you still were in all that wind hahaha.

  4. Stuart,

    It is a GoPro, the newest one they have out now.