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70.3 Worlds Preview Part 1: The Women

As mentioned, I wrote a preview on the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas for LAVA Magazine, and I have a whole bunch of good notes left over from the writing process that I can't just let go to waste on my hard drive. I took a lot of time to research results, stats and info on the top 24 contenders (12 guys, 12 girls). Funny observation: Despite a triathlete's nature to be "Type A," I found it hard to track down all these numbers and race results with some pros. Yes, some of our pros have great, up-to-date websites, but some not so much. I think the girls have it together more than the dudes! But I got what I needed...

Today we'll start with the ladies. By the way, this is not what I published in LAVA. Plus, I'm only choosing eight each. You'll have to read my article for the other four...

The 8 Women

Melissa Hauschildt (nee: Rollison)
Break out year in 2011 with 1st in every race she did -- Muncie, Vineman and Steelhead and Vegas 70.3 Worlds, plus Noosa Olympic in October, Nepan in November, and 70.3 Asia Pacific Champs in Phuket in December (the last of which she went 4:17:01, a course record).

2012 Season:
1st Australian Long Course Champs in Feb -- 4:14:39, a course record
4th Abu Dhabi -- 7:05
1st Byron Bay Olympic in Australia
2nd Boulder Peak 5150
2nd Vineman -- 4:11 with fastest run
2nd Boulder 70.3 -- 4:09:44, bike record

Linsey Corbin
In 2011 she suffered an injury that altered her training during the middle of the year. But it actually worked out well for Linsey and she ended her year going 3rd at Vegas and 2nd IMAZ. She she value in how she executed her training in 2011 and applied some tweaks to her training in 2012.

2012 Season:
2nd  San Juan 70.3 -- 4:18:38
5th Oceanside 4:29:46
2nd Wildflower 4:32:09
1st Hawaii 70.3 -- a course record in 4:26:09, on what’s said to be some of the toughest conditions that course has seen.
5th Boise (shortened course)
1st IM Austria 9:09:58, edging out Erica Csomor.
3rd Timberman 70.3

Heather Jackson
Once known for being a powerhouse on the bike, Jackson has shown she's the complete package now. In 2011 her 70.3 results were consistently top-5 with 4th in Vegas, 2nd Oceanside, 2nd Steelhead, 3rd Augusta, 4th Boise, 5th Rev3 Quassy, as well as 6th NOLA. This year she's been spending time training in Boulder, Colo., before Vegas instead of San Diego. She's also training for the Xterra World Champs on Oct. 28.

2012 Season:
1st Palm Springs Desert Classic 
2nd Oceanside to Mel McQuiad with a 4:21:57
1st Wildflower -- new course record, 4:26:29
1st Encinitas Sprint 
4th Rev3 Quassy 4:34:07
1st San Diego International 
4th Vineman
2nd Ironman 70.3 Calgary

Angela Naeth
In 2011 she had four podiums in 70.3s including 1st at Boulder and the Leadman Epic 250. She's coached by Mark Allen. In my opinion, this year is panning out to be the best year of her racing career so far. She was 7th in 70.3 Worlds in 2010 and didn't do Vegas last year.

2012 Season:
1st 70.3 South America Champs in Panama -- 4:15:31, fastest bike
2nd Abu Dhabi -- 7:03:00
1st Leadman 125 Vegas -- fastest bike
6th St. Anthony’s 
1st St. Croix -- course record
3rd Rev3 Quassy -- fastest bike, 4:28:24, less than a min off 1st-place Rinny’s time
1st Syracuse 70.3 -- 4:16:27, course record
1st Rev3 Portland -- fastest bike (and it was a hard bike this year) and fastest run

Meredith Kessler
In 2011 – won Canada and 2nd at St George andCDA, her 70.3s weren’t as great as they’ve been this year. In 2010, though she won vineman WF, as well as CDA. How could you top all that? But she managed to so do so and her 2012 has been even better! In talking with her, she said she would have liked to have raced more after Vineman and before Vegas but Coach Matt Dixon thought otherwise, haha. This will be her first time doing the world championship races; she's doing both Vegas and Kona. ((She's my pick for the win at Vegas.))

2012 Season: 
1st IM NZ shortened to a 70.3 due to weather -- 4:22:46
3rd Oceanside 4:23:40
1st St George  --  10:12:59 (15 OA)
1st Eagelman 70.3 4:12:40 june 10
1st IM CDA 9:21:44
2nd Rev3 Portland
1st Vineman 70.3 -- beating a lot of the top names we'll see in Vegas. A sign of things to come?

Leanda Cave
In 2011 Leanda finished the year very strong, possibly her best end of season ever, with 6th at Vegas, following that up with 3rd Ironman World Championships, 1st Miami 70.3, 2nd ITU Long Distance World Championships Las Vegas, and a WIN at IMAZ. This year she suffered a bit of an injury -- a tweaked back in a t-run that had her down for several weeks -- but should be solid for the upcoming championship races.

2012 Season: 
4th 70.3 South America Champs Panama -- 4:21:42
4th WF 4:36:24 
2nd Colombia 5150 
1st Escape from Alcatraz
DNS Syracruse, Muncie due to injury 
5th Vineman – first race post-injury setback
3rd Boulder 70.3 -- 4:10:55

Kelly Williamson
In 2011 she finished her season strong with 13th in Kona going 9:29, and 6th at IMAZ. Last year she had 70.3 titles in San Juan and Buffalo Springs (defended this year), and was 2nd in Muncie and Boulder. This year she's training for Kona again, not to mention she'll do HyVee the weekend before Vegas. I think she can handle it ;)

2012 Season:
2nd 70.3 South America Champs in Panama in Feb -- 4:19:11, fastest run 1:16
1st San Juan 70.3 4:14:38
1st Texas 70.3 (US Pro Champs) 4:13
5th St Anthony’s 5150 
1st Rev3 Knoxville Olympic 2:01
6th Rev3 Quassy 4:39 
1st Muncie (Olympic distance)

Jodie Swallow
After a high of winning the 2010 70.3 Worlds, 2011 was not such a great racing year for Jodie. She dealt with injury, a plantar fascia tear, for the full year wasn't able to defend her title. She also had coaching changes, leaving TBB. This year she began strong coming off the injury and had a couple good showings, but then things turned south again with stress fracture in her foot. She's said on her website that her main goal is to heal well in time to gain back the 70.3 Worlds title she earned in 2010.

2012 Season: 
1st 70.3 South Africa 4:39:01
6th Abu Dhabi -- 7:10:29
1st Boise
2nd Syracuse 70.3 -- 4:19:09
2nd Muncie 
3rd ITU Long Distance World Champs in July -- 6:12:48 (Steffan was 1st in 6:04)

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