Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recipe Time: Sweet Potato-Coconut Flour Biscuits (with Cheese)

Quick note on last weekend's plans to race. What do I say, it was a first, let me tell you! I didn't end up running the SD RnR half on Sunday. I made it to SD, but had to bail. Ughhh. It's kinda a long story. In a nutshell: I am ok; I  had something important come up last-minute, and I HAD to be somewhere soon after the race. I decided I'd be cutting it too close, and thus bailed to make my meeting. No biggie; that race wasn't even part of the original plan! And the short trip to SD wasn't a waste either -- I got in some quality time with The Rouses, and a nice evening at the new Stone Brewing restaurant in Liberty Station. Good food, and of course good beer (although, I just had one Ruination thinking I'd be running the next morning).

Anyway... speaking of good food...

I posted pictures of my latest creation in Instagram the other night and some folks said they wanted the details on these little morsels of yumminess...

This recipe is a typical creation of mine, in that I looked up a bunch of recipes for GF biscuits with intentions of using coconut flour as my base, and from my research this is what I created. They did not disappoint, and even made for great training snacks. In fact, as I ate the leftovers I thought that these are along the lines of something you'd even except to see in my new favorite recipe book: "Feed Zone Portables" by Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas. Have you seen this new book? It's absolutely incredible!!! It exceeded my expectations in recipe creativity, deliciousness, quality, you name it... Anyway, tangent...

Back to it.
The biscuits, hot out of the oven.

Here is the biscuit recipe with step-by-step photos... Enjoy!
Ingredients and directions

Shredding sweet potato old fashioned because I was missing a piece for the food processor.
John had to help me with this given my broken wrist situation.
In goes sweet potato shreds, coconut flour, eggs, baking powder, ginger and salt...
Oh yea, and melted coconut oil of course.
Mix, mix, mix...
Form, form, form...
After they're almost fully done baking sprinkle on cheese.
Did just half this time, next time I'll do all with cheese ;)



  1. Thank you for posting this!! Ever since I went gluten free, I've been searching for a good sweet potato biscuit substitute for my husband's beloved Williams Sonoma recipe. I can't wait to try these out. ;) Plus, they are grain free. love it!

  2. These look really good. I'm going to have to make them soon!