Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Wrist, What's New....Update time!

I have been hearing about more bike crashes recently than I ever have. What is going on out there? I am so sad to hear about the spills, but thankfully everyone who's been hurt lately is going to be ok. For the most part, every crash I've heard about has been leaps and bounds worse than mine. It really puts things in perspective. My thoughts are with all you guys who've been hurt...

So last report was that I ran Portland. I have another foodie blog in the works as "part 2" of that trip, and will be posting soon. No rush, right? Those awesome restaurants and breweries aren't going anywhere. In the meantime, a little update on my status with the wrist, training, etc...

First off, I am scheduled to race the third event in the LA Tri Series next weekend, an Olympic distance, and while I want to do it with all my heart, I am undecided at the moment.

They sent out an email recently with the overall men's and women's points standings in the championship series, and I am currently in second, only 2 min down from first. You can only imagine HOW MUCH that makes me want to race even more!!! Gahhhhh!!! But being smart in this situation is key. What would you do?!

So that's that. Training is good, not great like I'd want right now. I ended the month with 49hr training, my lowest all year so far. Obviously the wrist played a role in that. Swimming has been the toughest. I had my first back-to-it test swim about 1.5 weeks after the break and it was a disaster; I was awkward in the water, couldn't get a good catch/pull with the cast on, and basically sank. But then I tried again several days later with a much better outcome. I was able to manage the cast better and actually generate power with my R arm. This past week I swam 5 days in a row, shorter sessions of 1600-2000. It's been quite depressing to see how quickly I lose swim fitness, and unfortunately my workouts as of late aren't the best quality to get that fitness back, but I am just going into each session with a positive mind and doing what I can. 

Biking is going along... My Shiv is visibly sad to be stuck on the trainer so much ;) Volume isn't quite there but frequency is decent. Memorial Day I got ambitious and tried riding on the road with the cast. John was doing a 100-miler, and I was totally jealous. I knew I wouldn't be doing that volume, but I still wanted to get out there for a bit. Made it 32 miles, with 2x20' intervals in there. Pain set in around mile 20ish so I rode home and retired to the trainer for a long time, and for more intervals. 

Of course, I can run to full capacity, for which I'm so thankful! I've had running taken away from me before for injury or whatever, and it sucks. I don't mind missing swims (besides the fact that it makes me even worse), but when I can't run I get cranky.
View from a recent hilly trail run with my mom -- close to 2k elevation gain in the first ~6 miles! Fried my legs even
running it at MAF pace.

Made a new friend on the trails!

Then there is strength training, which I love and which is currently serving to replace/fill in what I'm missing in the pool and on the bike. Here's a "triathlete's broken wrist strength workout" I was able to do last week:

60 Scap push-ups - as 20 in plank position, 20 with forearms stacked inward on top of eachother and palms down, 20 with forearms inward and thumbs up (these made me sore)!
20 prone supermans
20 goblet squats holding ~20lb kettlebell (I could sustain that weight!)
60" battle rope variations - holy crap, how I was able to do these pain free, I don't know. We couldn't believe it! Probably the most swim specific exercise I was able to handle.
10 ea. reverse lunge on slide board
60" plank
....Total of 4 rounds.

Note: in that session we tried stretch cords to mimic that swim motion, but I was still struggling with that due to placement of the cord on the injured arm; couldn't have it at my wrist because that hurt, and put it near elbow, but that was awkward and not as quality. I could tell my lat wasn't effectively firing. But about a week later, I was able to lat pull downs with a rope on the cable machine, which I wasn't able to do that first time. Progress.

Other than that I've been very busy and stepping up the workload (like that non-training stuff you have to do to get by haha). I have full capacity to type, drive, talk, and even do a little modeling sans cast! But no matter how busy I get I make sure to schedule downtime to unwind and rest. For me that relax time usually involves cooking, reading, hanging out with friends/family, listening to music, sit on my patio, jumping in the ocean... Simple things just enough to recharge!

Some recent pics:
Modeling sess at Sunset Cliffs with John Segesta. Not the ideal sunset we wanted, but fun nonetheless.
Cooking is theraputic for me. Here I am trying a new concoction of beets, farmers market carrots, onions... later added Brussels sprouts and a secret sauce that was to die for.
Reading on the patio. Currently still on "Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us"
and loving it! Great read, excellent insight into the BS that is processed, packaged food.

And today I'm headed down to San Diego to hang out with my buds Mike and Kimee Rouse, and to "run" the SD Rock N Roll half tomorrow. I say run in quotes because this is just a training day run on very tired legs. No goals to PR again, just goals to have fun!

Take care everyone, and please no more crashes, a'ight?!

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