Thursday, June 27, 2013

Roughin It

If you recall, it was bachelorette party time this past weekend... in Yosemtime. I'm happy to report there were no male strippers and I didn't get eaten by a bear. Although, our campsite did get a warning for having too many tents on one site and leaving out wine bottles and not putting them in the bear box because apparently bears enjoy wine these days too. I don't blame the bears, it's a hard livin and they enjoy a good drink ;)

Yosemite was a blast, but too short. Apparently I was sleeping the whole time...
Chillin at the top, nearly 4k ft of elevation later in just ~4 miles.
I was seriously konked out here. It was pure bliss.

It's best to sum up this adventure with more photos. More writing next time.
The beautiful and amazing bride-to-be who I met 4 years ago during the
bike at Vineman 70.3. So grateful to have this girl in my life. Seriously,
who does this for a bachelorette?!

How we welcomed the first day. Chill time with beers in the creek by our site. Does it get more peaceful?
I'll fight LA traffic for a little of this...

Fresh yerba mate, no coffee, for the weekend.

Setting up a sturdy camp. I actually did more help on the food organizing/prep side than the tent-building side. Shocking.

No token Vegas shot for us.

And the big hike begins... Really, how friggin funny is Sara in her veil?!

This girl, Mollie, is one badass lady. Her family owns a 4300-acre ranch where they raise
grass-fed cattle among other things, and she brought us some meat for dinner one night.
It was killer as you can imagine.
She was also the only one girl held on to my "Type A triathlete" hiking pace that basically
entailed getting to the top as fast as possible. We owned it!

I was with some real yogis. Seriously.

No complaints. Nevada Falls. Coming down.


Staying warm by the fire. Sharing stories. Making Memories.

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