Friday, January 31, 2014

Long Noodles, Long Life

Long noodles has more than one meaning today. Both important in my book.

First off, long noodles reflect exactly how my arms feel right now after my first Lucho swim set since who knows how long ago (4-5 months?). Thank goodness I've been getting in the pool 1-2x, sometimes 3x, a week lately. Although, I have skipped weeks and I think only once have I done more than ~2,200 in one session, lol.

Today's set? 3,400. I ended up doing 3,600. Over-achiever, I know ;) I reconnected with the band, had a main set of 600s, and a "cooldown" of 1k pulling variations. I added in some kicking, pull and vertical kicking too to bump it to 3,600 and 1:20 total time in the water.

My 600 times blew, but the important take away was that I somewhat "easily" got through them, surprised myself, and never even once considered cheating with pool toys despite thinking on the drive over that I'd need fins. That says a lot considering most my sets as of late have all been mostly 50s, 100s, 200s and nothing longer.

The other takeaway is that, honestly, I enjoyed this swim! I was up at 5:15 this morning and got to the pool right when it opened at 7am. Before the swim, I had my new favorite snack (see photo) and 5 MAP. Yup, back on the MAP. I love me some of those amino acid gems.

My newest and most random creation! Super easy, just pile together, fold and enjoy!

Sweet Vegan Breakfast Tacos*
Non-GMO corn tortilla, warmed
Raw almond butter
Sea salt
Cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice

Optional add-on's: chia seed, raw honey, banana/fruit of choice
Non-Vegan addition: BACON (sweet/savory heaven) a must try!!!

*All organic ingredients

Post-swim was my favorite breakfast: full avocado, 2 pasture-raised eggs (farmer's market), and a boat load of veggies sauteed in grass-fed BUTTER. Mmmmm.

Ok, so I'm 1 for 1 with Lucho's coaching so far. Ha.

So what else does long noodles stand for? It's Chinese New Year today!!! This got on my radar a couple weeks ago when we hosted a party and the topic came up. We were all discussing the Chinese Astrology, the zodiac calendar, and which animal we are. I'm an ox. I'm also Aries. And, really, that makes a lot of sense based on my personality and nature. One friend said that apparently you have the potential to have a year of bad luck if the animal of the current year is the same of your birth year. Any horses out there? (2014 is the year of the horse.)

Last night I was at the gym with a client, and he gave me my first-ever Chinese New Year gift. I was so surprised and truly so grateful for the thought. We did a traditional thing where you grant wishes to each other, as well, and he also explained that I could not clean on Chinese New Year because it could lead to bad luck for the year. Done. Last night I made sure my house was clean lol.
Chinese NY Gift: Red envelope, even amount of money, and a really thoughtful foot massage gift certificate. I'm a lucky coach! Especially considering the workout "beatings" I'm giving this guy day in day out lol

Upon parting, my client said to me, "Long noodles, long life."


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