Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on that last update

Last post I talked about how I tried a swim and it was unsuccessful due to the pain? Well new news for ya. Yesterday (Thursday) I made another swim attempt in the big blue ocean, five days later. I did it not only for me and to test the wrist again (which has been feeling really good), but also for my sister who needed a swim partner on her lunch break since she's doing another sprint tri next weekend (!!!). There was no way I was going to hassle with a wetsuit again and hoped the water was warm enough (ya, it's warmer now with summer approaching but it still fluctuates and has its cold days). Wore my Betty Designs Jacquard two-piece.

Karlee was tight on time so we jetted down, jumped right in, and right away I had a good feeling about it. No pain. The water wasn't as calm as last weekend, in fact there was a bit of a swell and the water was very "churny" and kelpy but it wasn't too choppy or risky.

I seriously felt amazing... I think no wetsuit helped (so freeing and much more comfortable to ocean swim like that), and the water was nearly Hawaii-like warm (in my opinion). Karlee and I swam out to a buoy that's ~500m. We didn't have watches or anything on, just going off feel. I felt strong and in a good rhythm -- as good as it could be with that dang wrist brace on. To feel good swimming and like I was actually swimming... ahhh... I think I was smiling between breaths.

Didn't want to overdo it, and Karlee didn't have tons of time, so we did roughly 1k in I'm guessing, in I dunno like ~20 minutes? With a few stops. But who the heck really knows. Doesn't matter. What matters is that it was an awesome experience with my sis who's so fun to train with these days (I also see her weekly for strength training), and my wrist felt a million times better than it did just five days earlier.
#TeamBetty #lagunabeach #sillyselfie

I still haven't been able to, nor thought it was safe yet, to ride outside on open roads for several reasons. And I'm not making any promises yet, but yesterday gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe I can do Eagleman 70.3 -- which is nine days from today. I'd have to do some self-introspection to come to terms on how I'd race knowing I'm not 100 percent. But  I don't know... I'm pretty back and forth with it right now. What do you think?

I'm also putting it out there -- now and after I'm healed I'm making big changes to how I approach my training. Lots of ideas floating around.


In other news... I finally got around to making bone broth (it's in the making right now)! Sorry to my vegetarian/vegan friends for these photos :/

Hey @MamaSimmons, how 'bout these feet?! (I blanched the feet before adding to crock pot)

Bone broth in the making. Super simple! I basically just threw in: the whole leftover organic chicken carcass (some skin and fat included, whether that's standard I don't know) a couple chopped up carrots and celery stalks, some herbs, the feet and filtered water until it was full. Also added 1tbsp apple cider vinegar and ~1tbsp sea salt. We'll see how it looks 24 hr later. Smells amazing in my home right now though! Mmm.

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