Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sydney Scores!

So I've been feeling bad about not taking Syd on a run since my recent blog. I had a 90-min bike and T-Run scheduled today, and during transition, poor Sydney was home all alone practically jumping in my arms wanting to play/exercise. Border Collies have effective ways to communicate their need to burn off energy; "no" is not an option. So, I gave in, deciding to take her on my run. As soon as I said those magic words, "you wanna go bye-bye?" she was howling (really) and jumping all around ...but first... I demanded that she go poop! (Something about running gets her "engines revving" and she always poops, forcing me to haul a blue bag of crap. Ew.) Sometimes she'll poop on demand pre-run -- quite a talent! -- but not today. I was denied. The most I got out of her was a little pee, and I wanted to get goin, so I grabbed a blue bag and hoped for the best.

How can you say no to this?

Happy dog

The run went great, Sydney's such an obedient dog. And best of all, she didn't go poop! I wonder if she can hang on my LSD runs. Hmmm.

Oh yea, today was my last day of PT; I got the OK to run to my heart's desire (with caution)! Last week I totaled about 30 miles of running, so I think I've been doing that already :)

Thirsty dog!!


  1. Yeah, how can you deny her that little bit of happiness? Okay, big, HUGE dose of happiness! I guess she's the opposite end of the spectrum - there's teenage P.E. class and then there's SYDNEY! Too funny. Maybe the gym teacher should hire a hypnotist to put those kids into a trance so they all think they're border collies ready to bust loose.

  2. Ah! What a lucky dog! That congrats on finishing up PT!

    Lucky you for enjoying the wonderful weather - ugh. Yesterday was killer to stay inside. But I do have a heart rate monitor - just need to figure out all of the zones and stuff like that :)

    Happy weds!

  3. Yay for both of you.
    Good job with the miles and PT.
    My Border Collie always joined me on my runs too. It's great.

  4. Reading that makes me wish I had a dog. Very cool!

  5. "blue bag of crap" hahaha... Glad to hear your back on the run... hope to join that club soon.

  6. Aww, Syd is a cutie! Nice blog. And of course who can resist an adorable pup!