Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Always on the Run

I feel like the energizer bunny on crack with how my life's been lately and with everything that's coming up. Tri season is here! IMCA is less than 10 days away (geez!), and I'm scrambling to make sure I'm totally prepared. One thing I had to do is update the tri wardrobe -- I've literally worn the same outfit in every race I've ever done. So I got a new (and super discounted) Orca suit from this great OC store: Tribuys. Check them out! (There I am at San Onofre testing out my new trisuit.) As for trianing, I officially started taper mode this week and am enjoying it! These last several weeks, I've really been pushing my body hard, and I've responded surprisingly well. I'm definitely noticing some increases in my fitness level. I wish I had another month to work at a higher level before IMCA, but no biggie. It is what it is....

This weekend I'm going down to San Diego (of course, right?) to watch my mom do Superseal, her first Olympic triathlon. I'm so excited to root her on and get a mini vaca on Coronado. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces at the race!! I'd also like to point out this will be my mom's first race NOT riding her mountain bike. She's riding my Trek road bike, and given her past performances on a mtn bike, those 50-54 year-olds better watch out on Sunday :)

Next week I might go a little insane. It's my spring break at CSU Fullerton, but instead of a beer-drinking, bikini-wearing, Mexico-bound week (been there, done that, over it), I'll be taking it easy, tapering and trying not to stress about Saturday. For once, I might have too much free time: no school and essentially no major workouts! What will I do?? Well, I still have class (and an exam) at the community college. Otherwise, I'll have to channel all that ADD-ness into something productive. In the meantime, I'm being extra careful to stay healthy, well-rested and not have a stupid accident, like chop of my finger while making dinner because I was daydreaming about biking though Pendleton.

I'm starting to realize how selfish the triathlon lifestyle can be. So me! me! me! Except for one thing: Sunday is my birthday, and it hasn't even been on my radar. Not even important to me at all right now. The only significance: this is my last year in the 20-24 age group..... I don't even know what to think about that!


  1. it sounds like your spring break is coming at a good time... rest!

    hopefully i'll see you this weekend. i am doing the half marathon in the superfrog relay and beth is racing superseal.

    parties afterwards!

  2. Enjoy your mom's race and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you young thing!

  3. Happy early birthday!!

    Tapering drives me NUTS. Semi free evenings? What is there to do becides opening a bottle of wine :)

    Have fun watching your mom race!

  4. git it tawnee!!!

    FWIW - from someone who trains/works/goes to school, even if you have "free time", you still dont have free time. all the sudden all those "oh yeah, I should be doing that when I am not doing everything else" pops up!

    enjoy the ride, and good luck!

  5. Happy Birthday.
    Being as young as you are is no biggie. Keep taking care of yourself by cheering your mom and taking a break...
    Oh, you just did.
    Good on ya.

  6. so cool your mom raced! have a great race at oside. you will ;-)

  7. You're countdown is crazy just like mine! Good luck! Your's is Saturday right? Can't wait to read the race report!!