Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memory Lane

I'm sure some of you SDers did the St. Patty's Day run Saturday. I didn't make it down this year, but I was thinking of when I ran it in 2007! Instead of the 10K this year, I did a 62-mile bike and 40-min T-run. Whew.

See me in the starting line (and my mom standing next to me)? I drank lots of green beer that day. It started with the post-race beer garden, continued in PB and ended...?


  1. Tawnee! Thanks for following my blog - that was how I was able to find you :). Hope all is well!! Any plans to come down to SD to train soon?

  2. Funny how a year can change things huh? I was hammerred by this time last year. Triathlon has definitely curbed such activities.