Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Race Report, Recovery, More Racing & Awkward T1

Check out my full race report on EverymanTri.

So for the last two days I've basically sat on my ass and have done nothing. I have never been so sore. I even kicked back with several glasses of wine and a movie on Sunday. Rare. By last night my body was feeling pretty good, which I attribute to the foam roller, mass quantities of food and lots of sleep. So the little post-race vacation is over, and I'm slowly going to get back at it. That started before sunrise this morning with swim. I probably shouldn't have gone and slept in instead (I could tell I'm not fully recovered; my swimming begin to lag about halfway through), but I missed my class, my friends, listening to am radio as I drive to the pool and getting an early start to the day. The cool thing: after enduring the brisk start on Saturday morning, it didn't seem so cold running around in my bathing suit at 5:45 a.m.

I've also signed up for two more triathlons since Saturday's 70.3. I won't be doing Wildflower this year, I'm just not ready. So instead, I'm doing a sprint in Newport Beach on April 19 and the San Diego International on June 28. I might to Spring Sprint in SD too, but all these race fees are getting a little ridiculous considering my income is, uh...well, I don't need to go there. Ha ha.

One more thing....
Checking out his ass During T1?
Huh? Here are a couple more race pictures I find funny. I decided against arm warmers for the bike, but still debated gloves in those frantic seconds. (Cold hands, big issue.) I almost went without them, but still grabbed them and decided to put them on as I was running out. Killed my T1 time but whatever. In the second picutre, it looks like I'm playing with and/or staring at that guy's ass. I swear, though, it's the gloves that have my attention :)


  1. I read your post on Everyman Tri. Congrats on an awesome race!
    I noticed that you are doing Vineman. That will be MY first 70.3. I am very excited/scared/nervous! How is your training going?

  2. You are ready for Wildflower! I know it. It is an AWESOME race and weekend. But SD International is an awesome race as well. I am bummed i can't do it this year. The gloves killed my T1 as well. Good thing I won't need them at WF.

  3. Nice work on Saturday. Keep up the good work.

    We all know you were checking out that guy's a$$, you don't have to deny it... lol

  4. awesome race- you learn so much yoru first time and you had a fabulous race!
    next time you'll nail the run.. see you at SD International!

  5. Huge CONGRATS on CA 70.3. You really crushd it out there on your first go around. You are going to do great at Vineman!
    And yes, you do look like you are checking out that dude's butt

  6. Nah, that was just training for when you see a really cute guy.

  7. Holy cow! I just realized that I never commented on your race!! CONGRATS! That is awesome! So happy for you - and the pictures? AWESOME!

    You should totally come done down here for Florida 70.3!! It will be funnnn...!!!