Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, That's an Unexpected Surprise! ...and a Shark Attack Too!!??

So Vineman. This Sunday. I'm ready. Let's get 'er done. It's on.

That's all I need to say about that.

In other news, I got a completely unexpected, random and extremely thoughtful gift in the mail today from Koz Enterprises, the group that puts on the San Diego Triathlon Series and other races. It has to do with the San Diego International Tri.

Check it out:

First of all, thank you Natallie and Koz. That was above and beyond nice.

Two things come to mind:

1) After the race was over and after I blogged about my feelings regarding the transitions, I dropped the subject and moved on. I don't dwell. In the grand scheme, it really wasn't that big of a deal to me... after all, who am I? Just an age-grouper. It's not like anything was riding on the race. I was happy with my performance and happy for Whitney's win. She's a rad chick--if she were some b%$&#, I may have thought differently, ha ha j/k. But honestly, I didn't lose any sleep over the race outcome.

2) Whatever reason Koz felt inclined to send me this letter and medal is beyond me. Maybe someone else spoke up about the transition issue? I have no idea. The extent of my blabing is in my blog. But whatever the reason, I think this gesture shows that Koz is doing a great job and has the triathletes' best interest at heart. They just want to see honest, fair racing. And in a world that's corrupted with performance-enhancing drugs and/or any form of cheating, I appreciate and respect the principles of Koz.

I'm grateful such caring people are behind the races we all enjoy so much.

Just thought I'd share.


Du Da du da du da dudadudaduda (Jaws music)

~~~/\~~~ (a shark fin)

Ummm, yea... there was a shark attack at San Onofre (where I surf weekly+) on Saturday, July 11. No bites, but there was physical contact between a standup paddleboarder and a white shark, which appraently deems it an official "attack." AHHH. The best part: I was out surfing/swimming in the very spot where this happened merely hours later!! Holy crap! Check out the story here.

There have been quite a few shark sightings in SoCal lately. Super scary. But honestly, it's not going to stop me from getting in the water. When David Martin was killed at Solona Beach I was upset and distraught for a long time. But I came to terms with the whole shark thing, realizing that I love being in the ocean and I'm not going to stop doing what I love. If I get attacked, and that's my fate... well at least I'll go out being famous in some whaky way!


  1. Congrats the race :) that is awesome!!

    Oh man - I was on a YOLO (that's what us FLA girls call stand up paddle boarding!) last year on the bay and saw all kinds of freaking stuff. Ugh. I'd rather not see what's below me!

    Good luck on Sunday! You'll totally rock!!!

  2. Have lots of fun at Vineman. I am sure you are going to be great.

    Koz enterprises sendign you the letter and medal was really nice. It does sound like they have the triathlets best interest in mind.

    Have a great week.

  3. wow, that letter is incredible - definitely gotta make you feel good!

    shark attack, yeah... um. I was supposed to swim with Dave Martin last year, but ended up having a 7am meeting at work that day. now one at SanO. eesh

    kick some ass up at vineman this weekend - its a beautiful course!

  4. Good luck at Vineman! You are going to rock its socks off!

    Wow, congrats on the medal. It was really nice of the triathlon to go back over the records and send you the medal! I'm so impressed that you were able to move on so well. I would have been complaining about for days on end!

    Please be careful of those sharks!

  5. Hi Tawnee, I started reading your blog a while ago and just love it! That's so great that they sent that letter to you about the race and VIP section, you're right, it really does show they have the triathletes best interests in mind, how refreshing!

    Best of luck at Vineman and have loads of fun! And be careful with those sharks swimming around, remember, punch them in the eyes! (I think that's how it goes?)

  6. I have had my issues with KOZ in the past, but that is pretty cool that they did that. The right move. Congrats!

    Vineman ahoy!!!

  7. See you at Vineman this weekend! Glad you aren't changing fun surfing based on the shark stuff! Even though it is creepy :)

  8. Good luck this weekend!

    Your link to the Shark Research Committee brought back some memories. I used to read the reports every week before my Corona del Mar swim...stupidly! I think as long as you stay observant, you can't control anything else while you are out there...

    Enjoy your swim in the river!

  9. Good luck at Vineman! Never had to deal with sharks (or getting kicked in the ear).

  10. Good luck at Vineman.

    Very nice of Koz. Rockstars.

    Holy jagged white teeth! A shark at your break. I'm nervous but I'd still go surfing too.