Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still No Coffee

Yup. Gave it up. Cold turkey. I was sick of relying on lots of coffee to make it through a day. It was getting bad: 2 cups in the morning (2 mugs, so bigger than the traditional "cup") and at least another big coffee, often an americano, in the afternoon.

I was also waking up groggy every day; unable to snap into it until I had my beloved coffee. Warning, you don't want to "cuddle up" with me before my coffee haha. As the day went on, I think coffee was starting to have the opposite effect on me by making me more tired. Without that afternoon jolt, I became a zombie. Naps were often not possible, but very highly desired. So I was constantly sipping on a coffee throughout the day. Starbucks, or wherever I could get my fix, loved me (emphasis on the -ed).

The severity of this addiction hit me when my life slowed down a bit this summer--less training, less school, etc--yet my "need" for coffee was still high. So about two or three (can't remember now) weeks ago, I decided to experiment on myself to see if I'd feel better sans joe. It was worth a shot.

Day 1-3: It was hard not drinking coffee mostly because I mentally desired to drink it, not because I felt physical withdrawal symptoms like headaches. I can be mentally tough even if I smell it brewing in the house.

Day 4-to now: Then it got easy, and I quickly started feeling great--all day! No afternoon sleepiness, no zombie, no urge to nap even on my super busy days, and best of all: no groggy feeling in the morning. I suppose I'm now a delight to be around in the a.m. But I guess you'll have to get the opinions of others for that answer :)

Again, my life isn't very stressful/go-go-go right now (for once!) so I can't say hands down that NO coffee is the only reason I now feel energized all day (no caffeine = energy? sounds backwards). But nevertheless, this change is helping me; my caffeine addiction was very bad.

And all that money I spent on americanos is either being saved or going to the occasional kombucha... but not so much kombucha as of late given the kombucha-has-too-much-alcohol-and-is-off-the-shelves ordeal. I really need to start brewing that stuff.

So that's my coffee story.

D made a good point, though, once I get back to real training, I may need that coffee again :)


  1. Hey there Tawnee!
    I've tried to kick the coffee addiction many times. Good luck!

    I saw your article in the Aug Triathlete Magazine. Good stuff!!

  2. I did not give up coffee but I did give up coffee with caffeine. I know what is the point! Great job and keep up the good work!

  3. I gave up diet coke a while ago. But there are sometimes when I just need it (trying to function on 3 hours sleep and a 4 hour ride). So I have it. But it's rare and it makes much more of a difference than it did before.

  4. I am pretty sure I need to try the no-coffee thing, too! All your grogginess, needing a nap, etc. descriptions could easily be used to describe me. Also, what the heck about the Kombucha! I had heard rumors that it was because of Lindsay Lohan (drinking one made her SCRAM device go off, apparently), but I guess that wasn't actually the reason for taking them off the shelves. I have tried other "kombuchas" (not Synergy/G.T.'s brands), and they are just not the same or as good in my opionion! :(

  5. love the blog. However... the coffee thing. Blasphemous is probably too mild.

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  7. good luck, it aint easy. I am a few days in as well, I needed to wait for my early AM class to finish otherwise I wouldn learn a thing. Like you I felt I was to dependent on it.

  8. Very bold! Cutting coffee is something I dont know if I could do, for so many reasons. Good on ya.