Monday, November 15, 2010

Oops... I Did it Again

I've had a couple hiccups in the plan of "Nov. 1 = get my sh*t together." Guess I've just enjoyed having a social life a little more than usual lately. All things considered, I haven't been that bad... I successfully survived my first real/structured training block and am seeing some glimpses of fitness. Plus I aced my last Ex Phys exam; just the comeback I hoped for!

Training-wise, I've switched things up a bit and I think it's going to be very beneficial: From now on, I'll be doing 3-week blocks as Week 1 - hard, Week 2 - harder, Week 3 - recovery. Last year I did 4-week blocks (3 on, 1 recovery), but I'm pretty sure that was too much for my body to handle at times. As far as what I mean by "hard," "harder" and "recovery?" Well, there's a lot that goes into that, and they mean different things depending on the training phase, but that's a topic for another day... which I'd be happy to talk about if there's interest :)

So, yea, back to the hiccups. These past couple weekends have involved going out and/or drinking... bad Tawnee! I'm a sucker for giving into temptations! This past weekend I was especially bad, which I justified because I was on a recovery week so I knew my weekend workouts weren't going to be too insane. What can I say -- when an old friend from SDSU gets in touch and wants to hang out, well then I'm going to hang out! I hadn't seen this particular SDSU dude in a couple years, and now he happens to live rather close to me. The group of us that went out all are/were kinesiology majors and now in grad school or chiropractic school, so needless to say we had a lot to talk about! But I swear we weren't that nerdy and only talking about muscles, joints and such. Instead we partied, danced and drank until last call. Fun, but ouch.

After the haze from the night's festivities wore off, the weekend daytime activities turned out to be amazing! We're having the best "summerlike" November ever in SoCal! I ended up riding slightly more than planned just I couldn't NOT be outside on my bike :) Then, sometime on Sunday afternoon, I think at mile 40 or so, it hit me. After replaying the last month+ of fun over in my head, I came to the realization that I'm maxed out on all the little "social indulgences" I've had recently. What started in Hawaii is finally out of my system. It's been fun, but I'm ready to stick to business. Seriously. I got goals, and I'm ready to work hard to see that they happen. That doesn't mean I'm now officially anti-social, I'll just be more picky about what I do after dark. But I think it will be easy when life gets gnarlier and I'm voluntarily in bed by 8-9 p.m.

So what's the point of this blog? I dunno... guess I'm just trying to say you can't be perfect all the time. And while it's important to have good balance in life (i.e. go out and have fun!), you still have to stay true to what matters most and make that the #1 priority. For me, having a nightlife is rather insignificant at this point; it's what I do in the daylight hours that matter most :)


  1. Jeez, you sound like a responsible adult...
    Good on ya.

  2. I'm in a similar boat with you as far as training. I can maintain 3 hard weeks followed by 1 easy week for too long. I plateau very quickly with that kind of structure. Glad you are having some fun!! Tis the season :)

  3. oops.. I meant "can't maintain"

  4. i'm living a parallel life right now. had the same "aha!" moment on sunday...after lots of liquid indulgences (and lotsa fun) on sat night.
    and, fwiw, my body does better with 3 week blocks too. it may have something to do with our time in the sport. i know others who have been doing this for years that have no problem doing 4 week blocks, but i just get sick when i do them. but it's all about trial and error.

  5. I needed to hear that part about balance. I have a real hard time with that one!

  6. Yes I agree with ER, from one who is close to being trapped in my house bc its geting colder and snowier, GO OUT!!! You dont have to shovel and you dont have to wear a scarf and boots:)

  7. Interesting hearing about the 3 week blocks. I would really like hearing about those in more details. 2011 training schedule is shaping up and the more info the better!! Did I miss your goals for 2011?