Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kona... Wrapping it Up

After the race, it was fun to start experiencing Hawaii without it being "Ironman this, Ironman that." I love the lifestyle out on the islands. Maybe a future residence?

I mean, when I have this at my fingertips, why would I want to ever leave?
So anyways, continuing with the trip... Sunday after the race was basically a lead up to that night, the K-Swiss Party. But before that we had a lot of sober fun! Started with an afternoon party at the TYR house -- lunch, good friends, awesome view...

After that I headed out with the GU crew (Tyler, Eleanor and Caroline) for some cliff jumping. I was a little nervous at first, but after jump #1, it was like, "Let's do it again!"

I swear I didn't jump naked, but it doesn't appear that way! Ha!
Climbing out of the thrashing water onto sharp-ass rocks was more difficult that the jumping itself. We all got cut up and needed some first aid after... along with Caroline's amazing homemade cookies. Mmmm.
Finally, it was time to switch gears into evening party mode. First was the Awards Ceremony, which was perfect for getting warmed up with some beers. The food was blah, but I ate up thinking I'd need it for the cocktails ahead. My plate...Of course, no post-race day is complete without some canckles!!! Can you guess which leg/foot is Maggs' and which is mine?

K-Swiss party... As everyone has said by now: it's epic. Everyone is there having a blast and letting loose. What else can I say? I was having so much fun that I didn't bother with my camera for the most part, except for this (which I apparently very few people remember, hmmm?)...

The only crappy part of the party was when a random broken beer bottle slammed into my ankle and cut me gooood. I swear this wasn't a stupid drunk mistake that I made; just a result of wrong place at the wrong time. Long story short: I was dancing in the sand with my back turned away from the bar. The bottle fell off an arm rail and hit the edge of the flooring, shattering into my ankle. Within seconds, blood everywhere.

We got my gashes cleaned up, and I decided in the moment that I'd be OK (hind-sight, I needed stitches!). Next day, after the advice of a doctor, I went to an urgent care center. It was too late to stitch it because it already looked infected, as did all my other cuts and blisters from the week. The cure: antibiotics and no more going in the ocean... otherwise risk a gnarly staf infection aka MRSA. Oh, and drinking not advised. Crap.
So that sucked, but I was still in Hawaii so whatever! Moving on...

Monday night was a triathlon dinner party at The Mauna Lani. Instead of drinking I had extra big plate of dessert. I also fell in love with the Mauna Lani... best hotel ever!Maggs, me and D!
Part of the dessert buffet...

My concoction...

Tuesday was wedding day! That afternoon, we gathered to watch Luke McKenzie and Amanda Balding get hitched. Then we ate, drank, danced and partied away. Yup, there's nothing like an Aussie- and triathlete-filled wedding at a breathtaking bay-front property in Hawaii. Pretty much perfect. Again, the camera didn't make it out that much cause I was too busy having fun :)

The bride and groom were glowing (and Luke was sweating haha)...

Incredible food...

Wednesday was about D, the birthday girl! It was also my last full day on the island, so I needed the epicness to continue :) It started with brekkie at Lava Java, where I was surprised to see a good amount of triathletes still around, pros and all. LJ is the place! That afternoon we hung out at The Mauna Lani, where we also had dinner plans.

Gathering with the group before D's b-day dinner...D, sunscreen!
Another fabulous meal...

Thursday was a bittersweet day. Still in paradise, but fully aware that the end was nearing. I got in one last run (speaking of running, I'm stoked on all the running I did despite having no run base due to the recent injury) then messed around until I had to leave. Saying goodbye and ending the trip was not easy, to say the least.

And, three blogs/one month later, that's Kona in a nutshell.

Finally, now I can get back to real life! Lots to talk about... stay tuned and thanks for reading :)


  1. ah, i am so jealous. it looks like you had such an amazingly fun time (although OUCH on the beer bottle gash). makes me want to spectate next year!

  2. Like Kim I am jealous! Thanks for sharing all your great adventures.

  3. I hope I never see that photo of your cut again. I get creeped out every time!

  4. Jealous, too....btw, take care of those beers are really dangerous!! W... a f... of a cut!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!


  5. Love it. thanks. No snow here yet but it will be good to look back at this when the snow hits! Hope your ankle is 100% now, ouch,

  6. So I've blog-stalking for awhile through D and Maggs, after re-reading your Clearwater report for the 10th time in prep for this weekend, figure I should 'out' myself.

    Enjoy reading and hearing of your adventures!