Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Contest Winners!!!

Sorry I didn't do this sooner! I had a quick sneak-away planned after the race; I went and visited my sister up in San Luis Obispo on Sunday. More on that later :)

So...drum roll.... contest winners!

Well there are two people who won; one guy and one girl (I hope), but there was a little confusion about the winners in general, which is my fault for not thinking about the potential outcomes and some logistical stuff. That said, there are actually THREE winners. Hopefully you'll understand why when I explain....

Male Winner:
Zach, who predicted that Mirinda Carfrae would win in 4:23:33. Rinny's real win time was 4:26.

Female Winner:
Daph (who I'm hoping is a girl, couldn't find more detail on her name), said that Andy Potts would win in 3:56:32. She was only 43 seconds off his actual finishing time!

Third winner:
Tri-James predicted that both Mirinda and Andy would win and was really close to Andy's time (1:56 off), thus the creation of a third prize category for predicting both the male and female winner correctly. Um, crap... I didn't really anticipate this issue when creating the contest, lol. Thankfully Nick of Ignis is very giving, as is Ron from PunkRockRacing. (Side note: In fact, another entrant also predicted Andy and Mirinda--you guys are smart!--but unfortunately we are sticking to "top three" for this contest and we chose this third winner based on who made the most accurate time prediction for either the male or female).

So now for the prizes.....

Our winners will get this RAD brand-new PunkRockRacing tote:

Along with an Ignis shirt (male and female, respectively):

Sorry for the ghetto pictures lol.

Now, all I need is contact info from Zach, Daph (please say you're a girl lol!) and Tri-James. Please send to

Thank you everyone who entered and I hope to have more fun contests in the future!


  1. Way to go Daph! And yes, she is a female (and my beautiful and brilliant wife). She will look great in the t-shirt.

  2. I was so psyched that Mirinda won but I could not remember the time I predicted for her :)

    Congrats to the winners!! of the contest...not IMCA. Well to them too but you know what I mean!! lol

  3. Awesome - I was watching the results on twitter and knew I had the contest in the bag! I thought the girls would be just a little faster - still pretty darn fast!

    Thanks for 3rd place!

  4. check again....

    Rick Smith said...
    Mirinda Carfae - 4:20:45
    Andy Potts - 3:59:32

    March 31, 2011 11:07 AM

  5. Hey Rick,

    Oops! I was clearly tired when I wrote the blog (went back and updated it). I do see that you predicted both Andy and Mirinda, nice work! ...What I meant to write is that Tri-James was the only one who got both people right with a time prediction for at least one winner that was the closest out of the "third category." Hope that makes sense. So sorry for any confusion! I think I made my contest too confusing lol.

    Thanks for entering and for reading the blog.