Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally home

I really thought after last weekend's marathon of moving and house shopping that life would get back to normal pretty quickly. Boy, was I wrong. Starting from scratch is hard! I'm just now starting to feel like all the basic living essentials are all taken care of and I am "at home." Thus, training has still taken a back seat to bigger priorities, but I am getting some workouts in so it could be worse. Heck, I guess lifting furniture and heavy boxes up to my place counts as something, too, right?

Of the workouts lately, running has been the best because I've been super amped to get out my front door and explore my new environment. Ya know those runs where you're in a new place and can just go mile after mile never wanting to stop because step is a mini adventure? That's me right now. Besides the beautiful coast, I'm stoked that there are lots of steep roads to climb around here. Hill repeats baby!

Anyways, so how about some pics...

Last night I took the camera out during sunset in my new backyard:


And here's a peak at my new place:

Kitchen area where lots of good eats will take place. That's a pretty crazy retro design thing going on there with the wooden posts, huh? Good for storing my kobacha squash (see it over there?)
Living "area" (can't say living room because there isn't a specific room for that lol). Also, my money tree was not happy with the move. He's looking sad :(
View out the front window
~View out my kitchen window overlooking Laguna cliffs

So, yea, I'm loving it... just ready to get back to a routine!!! I'd also love to start decorating my place too so the walls aren't blank, but first I have to make some more money haha.


  1. Very nice! I love the views on your runs! Much different from what I see.

  2. Congratulations - what a beautiful view! Looks like great place for some fun beach funs and bbqs :)

  3. If that isn't one of the best moves every made, I don't know what is.

    Place looks great!

  4. wow! i would love to have that as my backyard. this place is gorgeous!!! congrats!

  5. thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful new neighborhood... they make me happy!! congrats on your new home!

  6. Wow, you really have some gorgeous views. lucky you.
    Very nice place you got there too. I like the retro shelves. squash is happy.