Monday, May 16, 2011

Just picture everyone naked

I am a talker. I probably talk too much at times. But there's one major exception to that: Public speaking in front of large groups. Freaks me out! Always has. But, heck, I guess I'll never get comfortable with it unless I start practicing more, right? So, that said, I'm pretty excited that I've been invited to be a guest speaker Tuesday night at a local PT clinic, where I'll be "opening" for Matt Fitzgerald! I have a whole 30 minutes to be in the spotlight, and I've heard that there are already 50+ RSVPs, so here goes nothing!

Here's the link to the event if anyone's in or around OC tomorrow night! I guarantee I'll be fun to laugh at ;)


  1. I always used to hate public speaking myself, but after enough forced speeches and presentations, you get used to it.

    Best of luck (though I doubt you'll need it).

  2. ...or in their underwear...

    You'll do great. Just find a friendly face and talk to them. No different than speaking to a friend.

  3. i could never get up and speak in front of a lot of people. i would have a panic attack! great idea for practicing. I am sure you will do fine! GOOD LUCK!

  4. You are going to knock those naked people dead with your public speaking skills :) You are beautiful Tawn and they will be happy to look at you and hear you speak!! go Get em Tiger....

  5. You will do great!! I had to do a lot of public speaking...what comes me down is doing some deep yoga breathing. Close your eyes for a second, and just begin. AND if you can start off with a laugh - whether that be a joke, or just resorting to make fun of yourself, it just makes it more comfortable.

  6. Wow, congrats.
    You'll be fine.
    I'll be there.
    I'll be the naked guy sitting left center.
    No really, look for me.

  7. I live on the opposite coast, so how did it go?!?! :)

    I'm teaching public speaking skills with my students right now!

  8. Public speaking used to really bother me - sort of like waves! Even though I took a class in college, it really helped to do Toast Masters for a while. Something tells me that with the podcasting and teaching fitness classes, you'll get past it in no time!