Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday Race Day!

Time is flying by! I'm doing REv3 Portland in one month from today then after that it's all about Canada. Well it's all about Canada now, but still some fun stuff mixed in, like Saturday's race. I'm doing the Bonelli Olympic, race #3 in the LA Tri Series. Missed the first two races this year due to the hectic life as of late, but I've done these races before and I love them so I'm excited to get out and redline for 2+ hours and have some fun -- that sadistic painful sort of fun ;)

It's been a weird week leading up to the race. It's a recovery week coming off my biggest week of training to date that wrapped up Sunday. I was smashed and happy :) Monday was off, then Tuesday I somehow "trained" for 3.5 hours. It happened by mistake, I swear. That's what happens when you actually see training time as fun time :) I did a strength class at my gym followed by a swim. Then later that afternoon I took a dude friend out for his first spin through Camp Pendleton. It was my first time riding with this guy, and I ended going harder than anticipated considering the theme of the week was recovery, but I guess that's just me -- I let me competitive nature take hold and hammer lol. I was expecting Wednesday to be a mellow day, but I was wrong.

I had a photo shoot with John Segesta and Profile Design down in SD on tap for Wednesday (I love working with Segesta), so like I said, I figured it'd be mellow studio stuff. Good because I actually woke up Wednesday feeling under the weather. Turns out the shoot was "outdoor action" day on bikes. Crap. There went that recovery day. It wasn't super crazy exercise, but among all the driving (we ventured into East County and the day's total car time was close to 5-6 hours), riding bikes, changing outfits/locations, being peppy, etc., I was wiped at the end. Still had fun during though, of course. Great people to work with :)Roughly 13 or 14 hours later when I got home my body just gave out and I crashed. I felt like poo on a stick times 10. For all I know I had a touch of the flu, and perhaps eating gluten-filled food all day didn't help the matter. Who knows, but it was bad, like fetal-position-moaning-in-pain bad. I canceled some of my Thursday stuff so I could keep it to a mellow work day at home with minimal physical exertion. And thankfully that was all I needed... I woke up Friday feeling refreshed and good again! Not that I'm "fresh" and expecting to get a PR at the Oly distance, but I'm to the point where I know I'm as good as I'm going to be and am excited. Again, like with the LH Half-Mary, this ain't an A race, it's just a chance to work my butt off, hurt and have fun. Gonna go out there and give it my all! Raaaarrr ;)

Oh yea, maybe Thursday's dinner of homemade from scratch gluten-free pancakes and bacon made the difference. I asked around for some pancake recipes and ended up combining all the ideas into my own unique concoction... several different GF flours, greek yogurt, eggs, agave, among many other things... if I remember the recipe correctly, I'll try to share. They were really good. And that's not just me talking. I had a guinea pig over for din, and he loved them.

Sorry, only took a couple really crappy pics. Next time I'll get better ones that do the food justice. This time it was all about the eating, and we ate the whole [big] batch haha :)

Last but not least, I got some [amateur] pics from the photo shoot with Segesta (amateur meaning on my point and shoot, not by John lol)...

Somewhere in East County "on top of a mountain" lol...
My male counterpart (apparently a legit cyclist)...
Gettin into it and havin fun!

Somewhere even more deep into East County...Blue Steel?
Segesta planning his magic...Can still see fire damage, crazy...

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