Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good times

How many times have you seen a blog that start off like this: "Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post." I hate to jump on that bandwagon, but I have not been blogging as much as I'd like. I'm not going to lie, a big reason I'm more MIA lately is because I'm dating someone, and that's been taking up more free time (the little free time I have). More on that later.

Anyways, a little life update. It's pretty simple: I'm working more, driving way less (last week was a lovely ratio of 40 miles car, about 170 bike), training hard, and playing hard. I just finished up a big two-week training block with lots of Ironman-specific training and I feel great (can barely walk as of Sunday, but I feel fabulous). Swim... I'm finally getting used to going over 4k in the pool. Not to mention, I'm loving ocean swims. That's a good combo for me. Bike: I've never felt better, especially on hills. My average mph for long rides is even surprising me. And Run... running is running. All I can say is that I never run flat routes anymore; it's all hilly in Laguna Beach, like real hills, and I think that's doing me well... scene from just over half way up yesterday's long-ass climb (0-800 ft right away).

What's interesting to me is that I find it almost surprising that my motivation levels are higher than ever right now even though all it seems to be is SBR over and over and over. I like it; one of the goals I have in mind when making training plans is "keep it interesting." It's never the same old shit. That said, when it comes to the way I coach myself, I tend to go more day-to-day with my schedule. I go into each week with an overall goal in mind (build, x amount of volume, recovery,etc) but what I do each day is never set in stone until I'm actually doing it. I like that. I'll even do that with some of my athletes sometimes when random stuff is going on in their lives and they can't stick to the plan I had in mind. I don't mind making daily adjustments, it's all fun for me.

Next up for me is a slow transition into taper. I'm all set to do Rev3 Portland Half-Ironman on July 10. I can't wait! They actually changed the course, which I'm not too happy about because I guess now it's very flat, whereas before it was more hilly. I'll take hills any day over flats. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get plenty of that at IMC... about two months out baby!

Other than triathlon, life is good. I have a lot of balance going on, which is one of the reasons I think I'm still so motivated to SBR so much. It can't all be triathlon, and I make sure of that when it comes to my personal life.... so here it is. I guess I'll spill the beans on dating stuff, which I normally like to avoid on this blog.....

It's funny, I've gone back and forth about wanting to date a triathlete dude. Seems like it could be perfect or disastrous. It's nice to think you can have a guy who's into the same sport and gets it, but it's also nice to think a guy can provide time away from the sport and you're not always going to be obsessing over triathlon together. Who knows. Thankfully, this guy I'm dating is giving me an option to this scenario that is very much to my liking. He's getting into triathlon, but it's not his main thing. He wants to do half-Ironmans (signed up for his first one this Sept) and Ironman eventually, so it's not like he's super casual about it, but his main thing (besides his real job) is racing cars. Hm, sounds like he found the right girl given my family. Bottom line is, we're both active, competitive, driven people and we mesh well. He was the one who played sherpa for me at my last race. He did a good job, so I think he's stuck now :) This weekend, he was racing (cars) and unfortunately I had to be the selfish triathlete and stay home for training, but I still cheered them on as they WON their endurance race Saturday night. Good times.

I have another blogs in the works that answers a couple of questions you guys left me, so stay tuned...


  1. Well, I for one am glad you shared / spilled the beans in your post! It's nice to hear updates on my favorite supervisor (haha). Hope you are doing great, like it sounds like you are! :)

  2. Not sure how I missed this post (probably because I've been doing the 'mark all as read' thing lately). But... I decided the other day that if I meet a guy at a triathlon he has to be faster than me for me to be interested in him. But if I meet a guy who's not into triathlons but then decides he wants to do them, it's okay for him to be slower than me. And I honestly think that meeting a guy not at a triathlon (or tri party) is probably a good thing.

    Anyway, after watching clearwater on TV, seems there are a few race car drivers who do tris.

  3. As a dude who is getting into tris, but doesn't plan on beating his wife's 140.6 time any time soon, it's good to see a chick who appreciates the balance of a guy who shares your interest - but doesn't necessarily want to be a grown up version of a high school cross country team kid. Enjoy!