Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One word: Vitamix. I was going insane without one. Life was fine before I had one because I didn't know what I was missing, but after having one at my fingertips every day, it was torture to live without one. Man, I sound like a whiny spoiled brat saying that, huh. Oops! But it's true though, that machine is addicting. I tried to make do with a Magic Bullet and food processor, but that wasn't happening. So I splurged thanks to a Costco special. Life is complete again.

The smoothie I made today post-workout wasn't anything too out of the ordinary for me, but for some reason it all meshed exceptionally well, so I thought I'd share:

Pumpkin Protein Shake
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 medium banana (frozen or fresh is ok)
1 heaping scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 cup pumpkin puree (I eyeballed this measurement and possibly put in more, not sure)
5 baby carrots (had to finish the bag, lol)
2-3 tbsp ground flaxseed
dash salt
stevia to taste
5 ice cubes

Blend and enjoy!

I tried to savor mine, but it was so good that I finished the whole batch pretty quickly, along with my daily green/rainbow colored "everything" salad. Those never get old. I'm sure the workout I had just done played a role in being a human vacuum (typical). Speaking of that, the workout is worth sharing...

Strength & Conditioning Routine
Warmup: 10-15 min of functional exercises, such as single-leg toe touches, reverse lunges with a twist, bridges, leg circles, scap pushups, light jog, etc, etc, etc... then to the meat.

5 rounds, for time:
250m row (holding a sub-1:50 500m pace)
15 KB swings (go heavy)
10 knee to elbows
plank with rope pull, left & right side*
10 squat jumps
100-touch jump rope
20 sledgehammer swings on the tire

My time: 26:01

*This one is killer: get in plank position one hand down and the other pulling an entire battle rope laterally through a hook on the wall; do R arm then L arm, I hope that makes sense

After S&C I spent an hour in the pool, and it was not easy at all coming off that first s&c workout. But I need to work on building upper-body endurance and power so it was all good in the hood.

I was finally feeling normal again, too, after a fatiguing (but fun) weekend... both Saturday and Sunday night had this grandma up way past her bedtime. Sunday was extra special because my sister is in town and we went to a Pepper concert together.


  1. Wow, that looks decadent, I'll have to try it!!
    Also, I have a question on strength training: When during the week do you add it? I really need to build more muscle but I'm not sure about the best time to add it in the schedule so that it doesn't negatively affect swim/bike/run training. Thanks!!

  2. I just got a Vitamix on Friday after coveting one for AGES. My boyfriend is wonderful for indulging me but I think it helped that we will be moving in together soon and he'll be able to share the benefits :) Thanks for the recipe! I love pumpkin and am looking forward to incorporating it.

  3. dude - i keep hearing folks raving about these things. what's so ridiculous about the vitamix?

  4. Hey I keep forgetting to stop by and say THANKS for the shout out in TRI magazine. THANKS!! It was a good piece!!

  5. LOL! You've been raving about the Vitamix for so long, I didn't think you'd last more than five minute (I mean days) without one. I agree with Austin. What are we missing with a Vitamix? Give us your best QVC infomercial rendition. Are they easier to clean? Mix better? What makes them so dang good that we should fork up the money? Can you tell, I'm starting to veer toward the dark side?!