Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm all about making hand-written lists and having an old-school pen-and-paper day planner to keep me organized, I don't do electronics when it comes to that stuff. When I write a list or have hand-written plans in my calendar, I stick to it and remember better! And there's that satisfaction of "checking off" things once they're complete.... ahhh. Maybe I'll start scheduling a "blog hour" once or twice a week because I feel like I'm falling off the blog bandwagon, and that's just not cool.

One of the only areas where I'm very dialed in with electronic/online planning is with my training plans for my clients and for myself. I did some research a while back to look for good, simple training plan software at a low cost. Ii wasn't impressed with a lot that's out there. For example, I feel that Training Peaks is just too much "stuff" and information overload for what I want and need. Don't get me wrong, I'm a data geek, and my workouts are detailed down to the minute, but I know my clients need something that's easy to understand and manage. Thus, with a training plan, I wanted something simple! Enough to get in all the necessary details (what I input, and the feedback they provide) but not overwhelming. I'd rather put more emphasis on real communication than have a fancy, technical, intricate program do that job. Plus, I find that the easier I make it for my clients to provide feedback, etc., the more likely they are to actually do just that rather than see it as a "hassle" of a job ;)

Anyways, long story short, I use this training log software. I love it. It covers all the basics and has many features that save me time. It's simple to use on both ends for coach/client (powered by Google Docs so easy access for both parties to get in and input info), and it's inexpensive. Not to mention, the creator, Doug, is a bad ass triathlete, super nice and really great at setting people up with plans. If I need troubleshooting, which is rare, he's on top of it.

Doug has no idea I'm writing this, and he didn't ask me to do so -- i.e. I'm not trying to "sell" something for him. I just think it's important for triathletes to have a quality, comprehensive training plan to keep track of what's going in training and in life. Look into it if you're in the market for something simple but effective.

Truth be told, writing about the training log wasn't really the plan for this blog, but I guess that was meant to be :)

OK, now it's time to head to the happiest place on Earth... San Diego, haha ;) Is it? I don't know, but I always have good times in SD. Today is a photo shoot with John Segesta and some cycling companies, and all I know is I have to bring my gear and we're going out to East county for action shots... so much for a complete recovery day, oops :/


  1. I concur with the log. It is a great log and makes me accountable.

  2. I need to be super organized with everything that I juggle and this app has totally changed my life:

    Again, not endorsed in any way. They have no idea who I am or that I love them. But it has brought down my anxiety, made me more productive and is the best organizational tool I've found. It even helps my boyfriend stay organized which, I promise, is no small feat!

  3. Thanks for sharing ....and East County = little recovery, big fun.

  4. Where in East County were you?! Next time you're out that way (and assuming I am at home -- ALPINE), let me know! I completely agree about the pen-and-planner, old-school way of keeping dates and things organized. I can't tell you how many hand-written lists I have, and I get very squeemish if I ever forget my planner at home. I pretty much rely on it on a daily basis.