Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friggin Done!

I haven't mentioned this lately because it's been taking up enough time as it is. Remember back in April/May I said I was going to delay my graduation from grad school because I still needed to take my comprehensive exams, but was too busy at that time? Yes, I was totally done with classes foreva, but comps is supposed to be as hard and time-consuming as a thesis and I wanted to have more time to give it 100% focus, thinking summer would be ideal. But then I realized come summer, heck, when am I not busy?

Well regardless, it had to get done. I needed to finish my master's work once and for all. July was the month. So ever since Rev3 Portland it's been all about studying and test-taking... yowza! Thank goodness I love the subject matter. It made lots of studying at least slightly easier to endure day after day.

So after many hours of a written essay exam, and passing that, today was the final phase, the oral exam. Arguably two of my favorite professors from my grad school experience were on my committee and would be administering the questions (I say "arguably" because all my professors kicked ass in some respect and I loved them all). But with Dan & Dr. Brown conducting the test, that made things easier on me. Not that the questions were easy. They had my brain going a million miles a minute! And they both know I got straight A's so they didn't cut any slack. At all.

Long story short, after a loooong time writing then blabbering about exercise physiology, environmental exercise physiology, statistics/research design and strength & conditioning.... I passed! I'm done! Completed grad school....

Officially have my master's of science degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise physiology and strength & conditioning. Damn it feels good to say that.

Tomorrow I will celebrate with a kick-ass session of swim, bike and run followed by a weekend at the races.... car races, this time! :)


  1. ohhh wooohooo! congrats! go celebrate!

  2. Man, I have no idea how you get it all done all I know is that you must crazy mad skills. No way in hell do I have the discipline to sit down and study for a test. Well earned Tawnee, well earned!

  3. Tawnee,
    Your Dad and I could not be more proud of you. We know how hard you have worked for this, and you deserve every moment of celebration!
    Thank you for everything you have taught us that has made our lives healthier.
    Anyone who has the opportunity to know you, train with you, be coached by you, or just hang with you, are very lucky, and I (we) thank God we are among those lucky people.
    Now the world awaits you...All our love..xxoo Mom and Dad

  4. Congrats Tawnee! That's awesome. I also opted for the comp exam and did a independent study on the side to sefice my thesis research itch. Nothing like having to study both material from your masters program and clear back to Fr. year of undergrad. Clearly the sun never sets on a bad ass, and you are one bad ass who figured out how to get more than 24 hrs in a day. Now since you studied your butt off I hope you get to put it all to use before you forget any of it. I graduated at the wrong time and couldnt find a job in my field even though I had 4 years experience and the degree. Good luck at IM Canada AH!