Thursday, March 28, 2013

Betty to the Rescue!

Two more sleeps till Oside! Let the race-day nightmares and restlessness begin... haha...jk. kinda. Actually, I am bouncing off the walls with energy! Man, it's crazy how rambunctious I am when I don't workout! I think I was freaking out John last night as I was bouncing off the walls and being silly. He's used to the subdued grandma in the evenings who passes out before 9 pm....

Anyway, I mentioned a while back about custom kits that I am getting made this year. Everything went forward with that smoothly enough, and I was like a kid on Christmas Eve just wanting to have the kit in my hand right away. This was around the end off February, at which point I was told, "Sorry, it's going to be about 8 weeks still. Nothing we can do to speed it up." It's my fault for being a rookie in this process -- I thought starting in January would allow sufficient time to have it all done and delivered by March, but nope. It's a loooong process just to get it finalized for production, and then the making of the kits takes forever especially this time of year. Take it from me (again): If you're interested in getting kits for early-season races, get the ball rolling before the holidays the prior year just to be safe! i.e. I'll be on it come fall time if new kits are needed.

So, that left me without a kit for Oceanside! I have quite a good collection of workout/training clothes, I won't lie, but I don't have any nice tri kits at all. They're either worn down to shreds, or mismatched leftovers from way back -- basically all designated as training clothes now. I didn't want to start the first race of the season looking like crap. (Nor do I want to wear a bra top with O-side being a chilly one!)

I totally waited until the last minute on this one. Smooooth. 

Then earlier this week I was emailing back and forth with one awesome chica, Kristin Mayer, of Betty Designs, who designed my kit-to-come. She wanted to see my new custom kits too, and was sad to hear they haven't arrived yet. I told her my dilemma of being kit-less, and like the rockstar she is, she was willing and able to quickly get me a Betty Designs kit from her collection to wear (even sending a couple sizes from which to choose to ensure the right fit)! You can't ask for better service and support than that! After all, I went to her in the first place for a sick design, so if I can't have my own custom kit, the next best thing would be to sport one of hers.

This is the one I chose:
The tattoo look. I love it. More info on the kit (and her other tri kits) here.

Kristin even sent a couple hot Betty goodies with the kit delivery....

It's important to feel "fresh" on race day in many regards; a good, fresh, clean race kit included. And when the situation involves a kind gesture of someone willing to help out last minute like Kristin? Well, it's inspiring to make me not only want to race fast, but to do something kind for others in return......

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  1. Love that! I've been looking for something fun for my first half-iron in August. Might have to keep my eye on Betty Designs!